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Photo Of Cruel Man Who Sets Helpless Girl, Niece Ablaze For Pooping In Neighbour’s House In Calabar

man set niece fire calabar

See The Face Of The  Cruel Man Who Sets Helpless Girl, Niece Ablaze For Pooping In Neighbour’s House In Calabar 

Pictured here is Leo Columbus, 37 who confessed yesterday that he set his 3-year-old niece on fire because she pooped in a neigbhour’s  house in Akamkpa LGA of Calabar.

He said he carried out the evil act because anger got the best of him.

man sets niece fire defecating neighbour house

His confession:

“People had been complaining until that fateful day. It was not on purpose. Someone reported to me that she had defecated in their place. With the annoyance that she soiled someone’s pumpkin and waterleaf, I beat her up and burn her.”

“When I saw that she was burnt, I said ‘look at what you have caused me’. I regretted my action. I applied JV and bought drugs for her. I did not plan to kill her. She is my brother’s daughter. I did it out of annoyance. It was anger that made me to do it.”

“I can’t lock her inside. I always told her to stay in the house and, even if she wanted to visit the toilet, she should do it in the house. But she still went out and defecated in the neighbour’s houses.”

Mr Columbus is currently cooling off in police custody.



  1. Jilo

    July 5, 2018 at 3:12 PM

    My Naija people are scaring me. People are now overreacting on small issues. Is it because of our hapless situation and current ongoing recession that might have caused this? everyone needs to be mindful of his/her behavior now because some aggressive people can spew out on any slight provocation and the result is death.

    How can someone beat up a little kid as if that was not enough and went further to burn her up? I’m not a judge but I can foreshadow if our useless lawmakers fail to redress our law, we are all in big! big!! problem. There should be a special session on how to amend our non working existing law.

  2. iron bar

    July 5, 2018 at 5:31 PM

    if rape,kidnaping,child molestation and abuse is tough in this nation,this devil incarnate wouldnt have gone this far to hurt this kid.hope he wont be bailed through the back door

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