Photo: Biafra Times Magazine Publisher Peter Eke Arrested

peter eke biafra times magazine publisher

January 31, 2017 – Picture: Biafra Times Newspaper Publisher Peter Eke Arrested 

The publisher of Biafra Times Magazine, Mr Peter Eke was arrested recently for allegedly posting articles capable of causing war in the country.

30-year-old Eke a graduate of Oko Poly in Anambra was caught alongside 9 of his workers in Shomolu over the weekend.

In his confessional statement, Eke told police he is doing it to make money and not to cause chaos in the country.

4 thoughts on “Photo: Biafra Times Magazine Publisher Peter Eke Arrested

  1. he publishing an article that could yield him money, and if he has certificate of journalism and his publishing company is registered then why arresting him.

    this style of dictatorship is getting too much in Nigeria where human rights are violated and freedom of press is being oppressed by the Government.

  2. Buhari’s administration is systematically Islamizing Nigeria by suppressing the press. He wants to intimidate the press so that he can carry out his agenda. Over 808 Christians were killed in Southern Kaduna and he said nothing, nothing happened to Kaduna state governor, El Rufai who had prior knowledge of the massacre but Apostle Suleiman was invited by DSS for questioning because he urged Christians not to sit idle and allow themselves to be killed by the marauding Fulanis and Hausa Islamic co-conspirators.

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