Photo: Sagamu Residents Flee As Eiye Cultists Threaten Bloody Attack Today

eiye cultists anniversary attack sagamu

August 8, 2016 – Picture: Residents Flee Ogun State Over Eiye Cultists Threatens Bloodshed Today

Area residents of Igode, Fakale, and Emuren area of Sagamu LGAof Ogun State have started fleeing their homes.

We learnt that the residents were afraid over the reports that suspected cult members of the Eiye Confraternity planned to unleash mayhem during their anniversary on Monday (today).

It was gathered that some dwellers of Odo Kekere, Odo Nla and Itapara within the LGA had also started vacating their homes, saying the cultists had vowed to cause bloodbath to mark the August 8 anniversary.

7 thoughts on “Photo: Sagamu Residents Flee As Eiye Cultists Threaten Bloody Attack Today

  1. But ***** Africans will continue to claim that Trump is racist…
    We kill our own like birds yet we are asking for other races to accept us…
    How can we be loved while we can not even love our own? We are our own demise

  2. I don’t blame them at all, nuisance! Most of them are jobless fools displaying their frustration and madness on innocent people. I blame the police for not wasting these criminals.

  3. In a safer environment where lives is given more priority than embezzling national accounts. They see this kind of threat as a welcome devlopment for the security pesonnels to work round the clock to showcase their capacity of intelligence, and to ensure the safety of lives and properties. Only in Naija.

    I take a stroll…

  4. How safe or unsafe will it then be for visitors just arriving the town and for persons traveling through the area without having notice of this intended attack? Government should act fast to provide security in the area to avoid unpleasant stories please.

  5. All theses jobless boys should look for something and do with their life. This kind of live they’re living will only destroy them

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