Photo: See The Man Who Drowned His Step Brother In Ebonyi Last Week

man drowned step brother ebonyi

September 15, 2016 – Picture: See The Man Who Killed His Step Brother In Ebonyi Last Week

25-year-old Ogobuchi Ogonna was remanded in prison custody yesterday in connection with the murder of his step-brother, 3-year-old Wisdom Ogbonna Amagu.

The suspect allegedly tied a stone to his step-brother’s waist and threw him into a stream in Igbeagu area of Izzi LGA of Ebonyi state on the 9th of September where he drowned.

He was arraigned yesterday on 1-count charge of unlawful cause of death by an Abakaliki Magistrate Court.

man kills step brother ebonyi

Ogbobuchi Ogonna reportedly confessed to his father before the elderly man called police to arrest him.

He led police detectives to the stream where his step brother drowned but the corpse of deceased could not be retrieved.

14 thoughts on “Photo: See The Man Who Drowned His Step Brother In Ebonyi Last Week

  1. 30yrs in jail is just too small to deal with this wicked soul.. but all still let him suffer in jail
    #clueless human

  2. This boy Ogobuchi should riot in jail because if they release him, another evil spirit will come on him and tell him to kill another person because he is evil and very wicked.

  3. why o! why? what did the innocent boy of 3 years did to deserve this? this is pure wickedness. May your soul rest in peace baby wisdom.

  4. So can someone who had follow the story from the begining tell me what really happened, cos I dont get it. Why would anybody with his six senses intact do such a thing?

    Still strolling…

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