4 Nigerians & 5 Foreigners For Execution Tonight As 30 Indonesian Death Squads Head To Death Valley

nigerians executed indonesia today

April 28, 2015 – Pictures: 30 Indonesian Killer Squad Heads To Death Valley To Execute 4 Nigerians & 5 Foreigners Tonight

4 Nigerians & 5 Foreign Prisoners For Execution Tonight As 30 Indonesian Death Squads Head To Nusakambangan Island

About 30 Indonesian executioners have arrived Nusakambangan Island popularly called Death Valley tonight in preparation for the execution ritual of 9 drug convicts.

indonesian death squads

Despite globe pleas for clemency the country remained adamant in its plan to execute 4 Nigerians, a Filipino and 4 other convicted drug smugglers.

The trained executioners will fire shots at the heart of each prisoner. Doctors are also on duty to ensure they die properly before they are transported into their expensive ready make white satin-covered coffins.

About 12 ambulances were seen arriving at the death valley tonight in preparation for the execution ritual.

lawyer holding Raheem Agbaje and girlfriend’s photo


A Briton and a Chinese man

nigerians executed indonesia