Photos: Chronic Cocaine User, Florida Woman Dies After Crack Pipe & Drug Removed From Private

chronic cocaine user florida dead

Dec 27, 2014 – Pictures: Chronic Cocaine User, Florida Woman Dies In Hospital After Crack Pipe & Drug Removed From Vagina

A 31-year-old Florida woman has died following her arrest for cocaine drug possession.

April Rollison was arrested on December 16 but died a week later after a pipe and bottle of crack cocaine was removed from her vagina.

cocaine crack pipe vagina

After a body scan at police station, police discovered 2 items lodged in her private part.
But upon arrival at the hospital to have the object removed, the suspect allegedly took out the drugs herself and ingested them.

april rollison

According to her family, the deceased had been a chronic drug user for nearly 20 years. She died on Monday.

The sheriff office said Rollison tested positive for methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana.

Traces of cocaine were later found on the hospital floor by investigators.