Photos: Dele Momodu Sons At MKO Abiola Books Launch

dele momodu fat kids

Check out Ovation Publisher Chief Dele Momodu and his big boys at the launch of Abiola books in Lagos last Wednesday.

Korewa Momodu, Yole Momodu and Eniafe Momodu are now big boys.

dele momodu fat kids

The adorable boys used to be this young.

dele momodu sons photos

How time flies…

11 thoughts on “Photos: Dele Momodu Sons At MKO Abiola Books Launch

  1. These boys are too obese for their age. Cmon what is he feeding them.
    It is time they go on organic fat free diet especially the first one see his belly

  2. What is this. Our parents no longer value good foods. I can tell you these fat kids are feasting of bugger day in and day out. Shame on Dele and his wife for teaching these boys to adopt unhealthy eating lifestyle

  3. These kids are too fat for real. Common I have never seen a child as fat as the first one. All of them have breasts

  4. I wanted to keep my opinion to myself about the obviously overweight boys but now that every comment herein mentioned it, I am free to hit the highway. Do those boys live in Nigeria? I can bet they eat imported processed GMO foods, going by the Nigerian mentality. Fatty bodies are unhealthy and prone to diseases. Please change their diet and let them exercise daily in the gym. Daddy needs to set an example.

  5. please sir, this kids needs help . help them by making them eat right, obesity is not a healthy living or sign of good wealth. its not something to be proud of . let them go on natural organic wont kill tem rather will make them look good and even breath with ease…..

  6. ,Pekan is not in the picture. It’s yole, eniafe and koerewa. The four boys. These are the last three. The parents are on the big side but I myself is surprised to see how big yole who used to slim and the last born have become. They live abroad most time, so it could be bad eating habits

  7. Dele, please let them change their diet. They should try eating beans, vegetables and fruits for just two months and the rest will be history. Dele himself needs to diet. Fatness/obesity is NOT a sign of good living.

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