Photos: Diezani’s Business Partner Wanted By EFCC, Kola Aluko Sells LA Mansion For $21.5M, Loses $3M

kola aluko wanted efcc

May 16, 2016 – Pictures: Diezani’s Business Partner Wanted By EFCC, Kola Aluko Sells Los Angeles Mansion For $21.5M, Loses $3Million

Nigerian Oil tycoon chopping Naija oil money in America, Kola Aluko has reportedly sold off one of his mansions in LA.

According to investigations, in a bid to flee the US to an undisclosed location, the alleged money launderer for former Oil minister and ex-President Jonathan has sold off his expensive mansion in the United States.

Mr Aluko sold the Bel Air Mansion he bought for $24.5 in 2012 for $21.5 last week, taking a loss of $3 million .

46-year-old Aluko sold the house in an off market transaction using a limited liability company.

kola aluko sells mansion

An off-market sale in real estate refers to a property that is sold without any form of public advertising.

He is currently under investigation for transferring a huge sum of money into offshore accounts for former President Jonathan and oil Madam, Diezani.

Just this past month, GTB filed a bankruptcy suit against him.

The Oil tycoon who still has three other houses in the US has been declared wanted by the EFCC.

12 thoughts on “Photos: Diezani’s Business Partner Wanted By EFCC, Kola Aluko Sells LA Mansion For $21.5M, Loses $3M

  1. If he bought it for $24.5 and sold it for $21.5, what about the taxes paid to maintain the mansion for four years? California property tax is no joke! Hmmm! Nigeria is richly endowed,but sons and daughter of lucifer wouldn’t let it be.

  2. This guy is running helter-skelter by trying to move the stolen money around because the federal government has traced the stolen money down to Los Angeles, California. I have mentioned it before that if our government can launch an aggressive campaign against these home thieves, they will have trouble in hiding the money and if they cannot hide their stolen money, they will stop the stealing. This guy Aluko, Jide Omokore and Madam ojuyobo Diezani have capabilities to bail Nigeria out of recession with the amount of money in their possession.

  3. What? See how all these rouges has been diverting our money under Jonathan o …

    Chai, make I just take a stroll o

  4. The exterior and interior of the building speaks volume. Nigeria is blessed with greedy and heartless people. Just wondering how many rooms he will occupy at a time. Anyway, no hiding place for the wicked. You have an explanation to make.

  5. All the money could have develop Nigeria with good industries roads and good modern hospitals and create employment for the graduates. These are heartless individuals, they will get their just deserts when the time comes!

  6. They’re developing other countries with our money and sucking Nigeria dry and making life difficult for people like me who do not have enough to feed talk more of traveling abroad to enjoy life like them. God is watching. He will be caught soon!

  7. They were freed to do whatever they like under the president Stealing Not Corruption. What do you expect to happen when the person that supposed to halt such an audacious behaviour said that Nigerians were too exaggerating, ordinary stealing we call it corruption. At the end of his reign he left huge debts(workers salary and oil marketers money)for new Government to pay which eventually leads to present problems we are in. I think all Nigerians need to support on-going fight against corruption led by federal government if we really want a better future for ourselves and the next generations.

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