Photos: Donald Trump Meets Kim Jong Un In Singapore

trump kim meet singapore

US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un have made history following their meeting in Singapore this morning.

The two world leaders shared a historic handshake at the Capella hotel on Sentosa Island in Singapore on Tuesday.

Kim Jong Un donald trump meet singapore
donald trump kim singapore

The meeting marks the first time a US President has met with a North Korean leader.

6 thoughts on “Photos: Donald Trump Meets Kim Jong Un In Singapore

    • ….and history will definitely put Trump in a good side, achieving anything through peace will always be the best.

      • As long as they are not MUSLIMS right?. But if it is muslim country they threatening?. How logical are you bro?.

  1. The west made the young man humble,any further provocation leads to his could be easily done now with such agreement he signed in front of the world.

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