Photos: Evil Ghosts Kill 3 Prostitutes With Spiritual Slap At Haunted Hotel In Umuahia Abia State

ghost killed prostitutes hotel umuahia

September 28, 2016 – Pictures: Evil Ghosts Kill 6 People With Spiritual Slap At Haunted Hotel In Umuahia Abia State

3 sex workers and their customers were found dead in the early hours of today Wednesday September 28 2016 at a popular hotel in Umuahia Abia state.

According to eyewitnesses, the hotel named 50-50 is haunted by evil spirits.

Last month, some prostitutes were forced to flee the hotel after experiencing what they described as ghostly slaps which left one of them unconscious.

However, the hotelier hired another set of prostitutes to continue with his business sadly, 3 of the prostitutes and their customers did not leave to tell the mystery story of how suspected ghosts slapped them to death overnight.

evil ghost kill prostitutes hotel abia

The victims have been taken to a mortuary in the area while two people found unconscious were taken to the hospital.

50 50 hotel umuahia abia state

Detectives are currently working to unravel the mystery as mammoth crowd gathered around the hotel.

14 thoughts on “Photos: Evil Ghosts Kill 3 Prostitutes With Spiritual Slap At Haunted Hotel In Umuahia Abia State

  1. ABIA STATE COOKS funny news these days. First, it was mad people that got healed after 3 months somewhere in Bende LGA. Now we have ghosts slapping the hell out of people. Abia State! Abia State! Abia State! How many times did I call you? Mystery!

  2. Hymmmmmm, cleansing ghosts! Are you sure it is not the juju of the owner of the place that is causing the mischief so ghosts would take the blame ? NaijaGist please follow the story for us!

  3. This horrific incident may spell the end of that bustling hotel in the region. The ghostly activity in that hotel surely must have sent many lodgers running out into the streets without any hope of returning to even pick their belongings.

    May God help us. Am personally afraid of lodging in any hotel because many hotel owners have had their hands deep in spiritism and belonging to one occults or the other.

    Many of such incidents have happened in our area especially one that involved the deaths of a high ranking police officer and the four prostitutes that was with him in that same hotel here. It was a terrifying incident that eventually raised people’s awareness of the risk of spiritual attack when lodged in any hotel.

    I wonder why someone will pay money to lodge in a hotel only to mysteriously die on top of your money you paid! May God deliver us from the evil ones.

  4. Hahahahahaha…Hahahahahaha @ suspected ghost dashing slaps left and right to anyone committing sins of Adam !
    Hahahahahahaha…hahahahahaha.Hahahahahahaha. ..Hahahahahahaha hahahahahaha! Chai!!!
    That’s one heck of a born again ghost, This is real “Holy Ghost” in action. tryna stop prostitution by all means.

    Forgive me father for i have laughed too much than required .

    Wish I wasn’t this busy to stay and laugh more.

  5. One may think that a mystery story like this can scare off those who are in the trade but Hell NO. You would be surprise to find out that more prostitudes will still flock into that same hotel a few while after now.

    I take a stroll…

  6. I cant stop laughing at Reds comment. He said it all. The “ghost” has really become holy ghost to slap those he considered are committing sins of the flesh. The hotelier should be questioned.

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