Photos: Fulani Terrorists Attack Enugu Villagers, 5 Killed, Several Injured

fulani attack enugu

August 26, 2016 – Pictures: Fulani Terrorists Attack Enugu Villagers, 5 Killed, Several Injured

Some suspected herdsmen unleashed terror on the residents of Amagu Attakwu Akegbe in Nkanu LGA of Enugu state yesterday.

Two of the victims of the terror attack were rushed to the emergency ward of a nearby hospital with their intestines gushed out while about 5 others died of their injuries.

A seminary student who returned to Enugu yesterday evening was butchered like cow meat and died immediately while a lady and her mother were left with their intestines pulled out.

An heavily pregnant woman was badly injured on the head while several others were brutally injured in the attack carried out at some minutes before midnight.

12 thoughts on “Photos: Fulani Terrorists Attack Enugu Villagers, 5 Killed, Several Injured

  1. God! This Fulani terrorist are dangerous. Something needs to be done fast. Buhari call your brothers to order! Rip to the dead.

  2. Chaaaaaiiii !!! This is barbaric,man’s inhumanity to man. This is getting out of hand. The people voted into office to govern should do something to protect the citizens they represent. Or are they on vacation abroad while the home front burns ?
    We tire for una a beg !!!

  3. President Buhari is busy bombing and killing the Avengers and members of IPOB while leaving his Fulani herdsmen to roam across the country killing people anyhow. I am sure these are not only cattle men but some soldiers carrying out the mandate to Islamize Nigeria at all cost. This plan will never happen instead let the union break up. All those who have the ears of Buhari should point out to him what his Fulani herdsmen are doing and to do something about it. I bet you if the indigenes react accordingly he will send his murderous army to kill the indigenes. Obasanjo who has been canvassing for power to be rotating between the West and the North should talk to his pet president.

  4. am short of words but i must say this is really getting out of hand..since buhari has decided to sit down and look.. i think it high time people do things for themselves.. fulani are not feared they are not God we can deal with them..
    ENUGU PEOPLE this is too much on our land let protect our integrity #No to herdsmen killing…
    #clueless human

    if things continue like this
    #Things can only get bloody

  5. This can only be happening in a country where the government does not care about the citizens. Buhari is turning a blind eye and deaf ear to all the killings by his Fulani herdsmen abi? Okay, no problem, there is only one explanation – He sent them, they are carrying out his instructions. Nigerians did not vote to be killed. It is the primary duty and responsibility of the government of any country to protect its citizens but I think Nigerian leaders think the only duty they have to perform is to steal and loot and destroy the economy. God will judge you o Buhari

  6. Good morning Nigerian’s. am just concern that this happens to my tribe. Buhari is came from a Terrorist Tribe. Fulani’s are terrorist. it is only in Nigeria a person will name his Dog a certain name and he/she will be arrested, I can even look at that graphic picture.

    such pictures should be sent to CNN to see, am sure if such powerful media carry all this atrocities things will be done.

    our so call Igbo leaders are not doing anything about all this killings of innocent people. a country where some certain set of people are allow to carry assault riffles that our Army and police do not use, Buhari is a mistake and will always be.

  7. All I have to say is, if you don’t stop these bullies, they will continue to terrorize your community. It is time for the state governor to get up from his seat and do something about safety of his people and this inhuman killing by these foolanis. They are indeed fool because I don’t see any excitement seeing your fellow human being intestine coming out from the stomach.

    Whoever the state governor is must quickly cry out to the presidency. If no further action is taken to curb them, then let him supply weapons to his citizens so they can defend themselves. Sometimes it is good to use force with force when diplomacy fails and let see where it is going to lead us. The state government should start investing in importation of weapons guns, grenade, bombs etc. Do not treat this matter with kids glove because these foolanis are ready to take over entire Enugu your home States.

  8. Omokehinde, I can’t see your comment on this inhumane act by the Fulani herdsmen and this shows how ***** & *****
    If the South Easterners don’t stand up to this, it will continue this way.
    Ibos stand up for yourselves!

  9. It will never be well with these wicked herdsmen, they will all meet their doom. May the souls of the departed RIP and quick recovery to those in hospital

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