Photos: Hausa Man Who Used Juju Money To Buy Rice In Apata Ibadan Arrested

hausa buys rice juju money ibadan

August 25, 2016 –  Pictures: Hausa Man Who Bought N20,000 Bag Of Rice With Juju Money In Apata Ibadan Arrested

The fetish man who reportedly used juju money to buy N20,000 bag of rice from a woman at BCJ area of Apata in Ibadan few days ago has been arrested.

The man paid with twenty N1000 notes which later turned into small notes as seen in the pictures below.

According to source on ground, the suspect, a sugar cane seller was caught by the market woman he duped in the wee hours of today at Bodija market Ibadan.

He is currently undergoing questioning at the police station inside Bodija market.

Will bring you more details shortly.