Photos: Husband Catches Wife Cheating On Google Maps In Lima Peru

husband catches cheating wife google maps

Man Catches Cheating Wife On Google Maps In Lima Peru, Divorces Her Years After

A heartbroken man who recently divorced his wife over her past infidelity took to the social media to tell family and friends the cause of their divorce.

While trying to navigate his way through Lima using Google Maps, he spotted a familiar figure sitting on a bench with a man’s head on her lap.

Out of curiousity he zoomed the street view and to his surprise, the cheater was his wife.

Although this happened back in 2013, he recently confronted her over her past infidelity and when she admitted to having an affair, he divorced her.

The cheating duo were located by Lima’s Bridge of Sighs of the Ravine.

man catches cheating wife google maps lima peru

4 thoughts on “Photos: Husband Catches Wife Cheating On Google Maps In Lima Peru

    • noop….Google never ask the man to navigate through that way to see the cheating wife moreover the man used his own phone or something to make the discovery…lol

  1. This is what the BIG BROTHERS want and also doing…. to be watching everybody, even when you are making poo in your house.

    If the World Elites are not the ones sponsoring terrorism, then, they could have used all these their technologies to fish them out wherever they are hiding, talking of Sambisa forest, not in google map? Just asking.

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