Photos: Igbo Traders & Hausa Boys Fight Dirty In Aba Abia State Today, 2 Killed

igbo traders and hausa boys aba abia state

May 5, 2016 – Pictures: Igbo Traders & Hausa Boys Clashed In Aba Abia State Today, 2 Killed

Commercial activities were brought to a stand still in Aba, the commercial home of Abia State today after some Igbo and Hausa boys engaged themselves in a free-for-all fight.

The clash which happened around 12pm caused serious tension in Ogbor Hill axis of the city as most business owners closed down their shops and fled.

The fight started after a Hausa butcher at Waterside market murdered an Igbo trader who cautioned him for urinating besides his shop.

In a quick reprisal move, some Igbo traders quickly descended on the Hausa butcher and lynched him.

All the Hausa people around the Aba abattoir at Waterside fled for safety after heavily armed military men reached the scene of the attack.

Military Hilux vans were stationed at strategic locations at Waterside along Aba Ikot Ekpene road this evening to prevent hoodlums from unleashing mayhem on innocent residents.

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hausa trader killed abia

Facebook update from a resident of Aba.

15 thoughts on “Photos: Igbo Traders & Hausa Boys Fight Dirty In Aba Abia State Today, 2 Killed

  1. That hausa boy was also killed too cos he is d first to kill an igbo guy and he tink is north where dey kill other tribes and go scort free.

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  3. Hausa and killing. Just because the Ibo warn him to stop urinating behind his store, you killed him. Muslims are devil agents

    • You are a ****, was it Muslim that killed him or an hausa man? i am so disappointed in *** ****, ******************************

  4. I don’t understand what this mumu of a girl talking about. That the armies were shooting their men and it turned to sand, blah blah, blah…illiteracy is one of the major problem of some nigerian today, So na man go still put this lunatic for house and call her his wife. Juliet Chinaza u are a disgrace not just to ur family but to the entire igbo community.

  5. Igbo and hausa will never live togerther till worls end. the jews has no dealing with the gentiles. divide Nigeria now or the problem will continue.

  6. Hausa and killing are just like snail and its shell. I love the way they ganged on that heartless Hausa man who feels he can kill anybody at anytime. Yeye dey smell, Rubbish!

  7. If we continue using fallacy to address some issues in our society we end up creating more problem to ourselves @jlo

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