Photos: Jackie Appiah Boards First Class, Shows Off Her $3900 Dior Diorever Bag


jackie appiah $3900 dior bag

March 29, 2017 – In Pictures: Jackie Appiah Boards First Class As She Returns To Ghana From Atlanta

Actress Shows Off Her $3900 Dior Diorever Bag

The beautiful Ghanaian actress who has been in Atlanta since last week returned home few hours ago rocking her beautiful Dior bag.

The silver bag she is carrying in the above photo is not cheap.

It is a Diorever tote by Dior… The tote brand was launched last year.

8 thoughts on “Photos: Jackie Appiah Boards First Class, Shows Off Her $3900 Dior Diorever Bag

  1. Vanity upon vanity. Who is she, by the way? Can’t she help some of her poor relatives feed their children instead of carrying a $4,000 dollar handbag? Even if her bag is so expensive, why flash it for everyone to see? If she is kidnapped for ransom, people will start to pity her. She is exposing herself unnecessarily. Super rich people don’t expose themselves. When was the last time you saw Bill Gate’s wife displaying wealth? The Bible says “live a quiet life”. Be wise.

  2. Black is elegant and very beautiful, but natural beauty with dark or chocolate skin is no longer beautiful in the eyes of many of our African female celebrities. Or may be in the eyes of many of our African brothers and sugar daddies. Why? This Jackie Appiah used to be one of the most beautiful African female celebrities until when she started bleaching her skin. Take a look at once an African pride and queen? She is now lighter than Afeez Ayetoro. What is going on with our African celebrities these days? The like of Dayo Amusa, Omotola Ekehinde, Iyabo Ojo and Jackie Appiah just to mention a few used to be very dark skin, beautiful, and pretty. They were once African pride because of their unique, dark, and elegant natural skin. Oyinbo are burning their skin by exposing themselves to sunlight for a longer period of time to become brown, but my beautiful African princesses and queens are using bleaching cream to turn themselves white. What are wonderful world we live in!

  3. No need to bash at her,she did not pay for this write up if at all she is aware,the truth is she is still good at her profession. The skin color at those pictures may be camera effect or make up,not bleaching.

  4. Nonsense…!!!!
    I am not thrilled with this kind of show off. Why all this when they are many poor children hungry and many more displaced and can’t afford to pay sch fees to study and she’s here flaunting a $4k Dior bag.
    How many super rich people have you seen carrying that kind of bag for crying out loud. This is absolute bull shit and Vanity upon vanity equal VANITY.
    I would have been more happier if she has used that money to make a difference in people’s lives.
    Jakies appiah, you just fu*ked up.

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