Photos: Kenyan Wife Arrested While Trying To Hire Assassins To Kill Husband To Inherit His Wealth

woman murder husband

Oct 29, 2015 – Pictures: Kenyan Woman Arrested While Trying To Pay Hired Killers To Murder Her Wealthy Husband

Wife Arrested In Kenya While Trying To Hire Assassins To Murder Her Wealthy Husband To Inherit His Wealth

A Kenya-based billionaire has escaped the cold hands of death for the second time in a year from the hand of his “evil wife”.

The man identified as Polycarp Okumu aka Kamili was recently poisoned by his wife but he survives due to the timely intervention of doctors.

On October 26 again, his wife Rose Adhiambo stormed a bank at Nyali to withdrawn Ksh 1.2Million to pay hit men she had earlier hired to kill her husband but was caught while talking with them on the phone.

Rose’s only mission was to murder her hubby so as to inherit his wealth .

Rose and her house help have been arrested in connection with the attempted assassination.

See photos of Rose in police detention

Check out photos of the couple before the planned assassination.

This is the kind of things we watch in movies…. What a wicked world!

12 thoughts on “Photos: Kenyan Wife Arrested While Trying To Hire Assassins To Kill Husband To Inherit His Wealth

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  4. i wander while people will want to do anything for money that they will eventually leave behind. God have mercy on her.

  5. So you want to kill your husband and inherit his wealth?.What will it profit you if you gain the whole world and suffer the lost of your soul?

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