Meet Boy Who Makes Fans Out Of Junk In Ekiti, Primary School Dropout Turns Scientist & Inventor

bisi scientist aiyegbaju ekiti

August 16, 2016 – Pictures: Meet Boy Who Makes Fans Out Of Junk In Ekiti State, Primary School Dropout Turns Scientist & Inventor

Meet a young boy simply identified as Bisi.

The Aiyegbaju-Ekiti based genius dropped out of school when he was in Primary 5 due to the poor living condition of his family.

He currently makes a living for himself by making fans using items sourced from refuse dump.

Bisi makes fans using milk container, plastic pipe, paper and other material he picks around.

bisi scientist aiyegbaju ekiti

A Good Samaritan who recently travelled to Ekiti state narrated his encounter with Bisi.

Read his inspiring story below…

17 thoughts on “Meet Boy Who Makes Fans Out Of Junk In Ekiti, Primary School Dropout Turns Scientist & Inventor

    • you must be so foolish to have think is not a big thing,,,what have you make in your entire life..hiss….you cant e ven make soap muchless a rolling fan…..*****

    • @Bench, nobody is suggesting you to use that type of Fan but we can make a development from that boy’s innovation. Nigeria may become a fan maker and shipping them to other nations. Technology has no creed or race. This is how other advanced nations started and become pacesetters for the rest of the world. Initially we may not produce perfect products but as time goes on we will improve and make a perfect ones. This is where we suppose to invest on our future not by stealing our resources and hide them in white man’s Country to develop their nations. .

      It is very sad to see this kind of young talent roaming around the street because his parents could not finance his education. Adding little bit of formal education will go along way especially in noticing this young talent. There some entities in advance World known as Invention negotiator. They place their ad on TV and their main job is to help someone like Bisi realizing their goals. They will work with him and if the product becomes marketable . That young boy will be making millions on each item sold. In Nigeria instead of training these young genius we kill their talent because of our personal interest. I hate to see young sharp like this roaming the street without any advantage to go to school. I still believe our government can make education free both at primary and post primary schools but they will tell you they don’t have money but they have money to hide in their foreign account.

  1. i pray more willing helper comes your way..because we are in a country where many talent has been buried for lack of support

  2. Great news, children like these really makes it in life. Can’t wait to see u get to greater heights before the next 15 years and then do a #throw_back of u now and how established u’ve become

  3. @ bench is not possible that you can produce that thing so stop being jealous and praise the boy see person wey no fit speak english well na to come get the idea to produce fan NONSENCE

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