Photos: Mother Cries As Doctor Cuts Newborn Baby Face During C-Section In China

doctors cut baby face c section china

Nov 2nd, 2016 – Pictures: Mother Cries As Surgeon Slashes Newborn Baby Face With Surgical Knife During Cesarean Section Operation In China

A new mother in China is yet to recover from her horrific birth experience at Yifu Fuyuan Hospital in Yiwu City, China.

The mother identified as Xiao Zhou who shared this story with China Daily alleged that the surgeon who carried out her cesarean section accidentally used a scalpel (surgery knife) to slash her baby girl on the face during the operation.

They reportedly gave the baby to her without acknowledging the scar on the baby’s face.

When she brought it to their attention, the lead surgeon simply identified as Zhang refused to take responsibility for the surgical cut.

surgeon cut baby face during c section china

9 thoughts on “Photos: Mother Cries As Doctor Cuts Newborn Baby Face During C-Section In China

  1. May God save us from mistakes. But the doctors should take responsibility as the baby could not have inflicted the injury on herself.

  2. Revolking of licence is not the next thing simply because he was trying to save life is only he need to apologise and compensate the family.

  3. it could be a mistake because it happen to me. My son has a cut on his face during cs here in Nigeria but the doctor wept bitterly knowing what he put himself into . He went on his kneels begging my husband for forgivenss but we didn’t have a choice than to let go, knowing all the battle we went through.

  4. Its a mistake they should admit to, but they should keep their license. My old sister has a scar on her cheek but my mom still chose the same doctor and it was fine. I believe it was an honest mistake but they should own up to it.

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