Photos: Nigerian Soldiers Take Over Damboa Town In Borno From Boko Haram Terrorists

troops take over boko haram

August 11, 2014 – Pictures: Nigerian Soldiers Take Over Damboa Town In Borno State From Boko Haram Terrorists

Few days after Boko Haram terorrists seized the town of Damboa from the military, a successful take-over operation has been conducted.

On Saturday, the Defence Headquarter released pics from the movement of troops in the Local Government Area of Damboa in Borno after it was recaptured from the dreaded terrorists.

DHQ in its press statement said, “While anticipating further updates from Nigerian military in their war against terror, attached are recent pictures from the operation and movements of troops in Damboa in Borno State.”

More pictures below

Check out the brave faces of soldiers risking their lives for us.

It takes great courage to join the military. These guys deserve better compensation.