Photos: UNILORIN Student Who Invested School Fees In MMM Attempts Suicide At Motor Park


unilorin school fee mmm

Feb 23, 2017 – Pictures: UNILORIN Student Who Invested School Fees In MMM Attempts Suicide On A Busy Road

One of the victims of MMM at the University of Ilorin has been rescued from the grip of death.

This unidentified undergraduate reportedly invested his school fees in the recently crashed Ponzi Scheme that has led to the untimely deaths of many Nigerians.

He was arrested tonight around 9pm while sitting on a plastic chair on a busy road waiting for a vehicle to crush him to death.

According to eyewitnesses, he was arrested on a very busy road inside a newly constructed bus terminal.

When asked why he took such dangerous step, he told eyewitnesses that he lost a huge amount of money to the Ponzi Scheme.

6 thoughts on “Photos: UNILORIN Student Who Invested School Fees In MMM Attempts Suicide At Motor Park

  1. He is not serious. Now that he has been rescued will he recover the money from MMM? People will always have cases that are worst than urs. Suicide is not the best option in this case. I think everyone knows life is full of ups and downs at one point and in such cases, we need hand everything to God Almighty, gather courage and face the future. Self sponsoring students still drop out of educational institutions, get part time jobs, get back to school and make it greatly in life. Courage boy!

  2. I pity him not! There are better he could do this instead of creating this ugly scene. Boy choose any of these obtions.
    1. Hang yourself
    2. Poison yourself.
    Oniranu attention seeker.

  3. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, compassion and sensitivity to another’s plight, Gift. As for Fifelomo and Kemkem, if you don’t have something good to say to a severely depressed person, please *****. There’s nothing wrong with investing, if the atmosphere is right (unless, of course, you are in Nigeria or dealing with Nigerians!). Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic International took a lot of risky ventures at the beginning, lost money but look where he is today. If you don’t try something, how will you know what will be? You wouldn’t give that advise to your brother, would you?

    • You are a very thoughtful person. Thanks for this message. The act of humanity, compassion, sympathy, and understanding is lost on Nigerians except of course their loved one is involved.

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