Photos: Veteran Nollywood Toyin Adewale & Family On Vacation In Maryland

toyin adewale in maryland

September 14, 2016 –  Pictures: Veteran Nollywood Toyin Adewale & Family On Vacation In Maryland

Mrs Toyin Adewale, her hubby Sunday Adewale &their three children are currently on vacation in the US.

According to an insider, the family who left the shores of Nigeria few days ago are currently in Lanham Maryland.

The source said they would return back home by ending.

7 thoughts on “Photos: Veteran Nollywood Toyin Adewale & Family On Vacation In Maryland

  1. Na only them be the first pipul wey was travul to America? Why are they distop everybody with nonsens foto wey they are snap? One of them be like 50 galon sef.

  2. When una snap foto for Merryland, try show say na oyinbo country by making some oyinbo people or very oyinbo features be seen in the background. Otherwise we go think say na our own Lagos Maryland una go snap foto?

    Anyways, happy holiday to una o !

  3. Is there any thing that these so called Naija celebrities don’t show off? Can they just go on vacation quietly with their families, relax themselves, enjoy their trips, and come back home quietly without noise making? I have traveled to different parts of the world like Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, and even China without making any public announcement on any social media,or naijagists. May be is because I’m not a Nigerian celebrity. Honestly, this not about Mama T, but to all our Nollywood shakara Oloje people. I like Mama T and her husband very well.

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