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Photos: Wole Soyinka & President Macron At Commissioning Of France’s Cultural Center, Alliance Francaise Complex In Ikoyi

Alliance Francaise Center In Ikoyi Lagos

Wole Soyinka & President Macron At Commissioning Of France’s Cultural Center, Alliance Francaise Center In Ikoyi Lagos

Professor Wole Soyinka was among the dignitaries who stormed Osborne Road in Ikoyi Lagos today for the inauguration of the Alliance Francaise Complex, France Cultural center.

The commissioning project which brought Emmanuel Macron to Nigeria in the first place is expected to open new doors of opportunity for the Francophone country in the business hub of Nigeria.

Alliance Francaise Center In Ikoyi Lagos

Alliance Francaise  is an international organization that aims to promote French language and culture around the world. It has branches all over the world.



  1. Juliet Uchegbu

    July 5, 2018 at 1:15 AM

    He came to promote his country and you morons are running after him.
    How many time has anyone tried to promote Nigeria in France? will France even allow such.
    I pity this African country and slavery mentality

    • kelvis

      July 5, 2018 at 4:02 AM

      May God bless your wisdom my dear.this is one of the reason I love Robert Mugabe and Gaddafi those are the leaders with courage and the power that could had take Africa to their gifted height..Africa need leader’s with Courage’s and bravery and with great vision to take Africa back and out of modern days slavery those that really knew africa past history and still feel’s the pains because right now all we have are weaklings for Africa leaders that afraid to tell themselves the truth..kings that prefer to live like slave’s that’s what they are

      • DB

        July 5, 2018 at 3:59 PM

        So what did Mugabe and Gadhaffi turn their country into? If you refuse to celebrate your own, people who have things to celebrate about their own will rub it on your face. What have we made of our own language? Haven’t we discarded it to celebrate another man’s language? How many of you speak your native language to your children? Are you not teaching them to be fluent in English and French and very soon, chinese? Who among the so called Nigerian leaders have had the balls to open language centers overseas? We refuse to speak and teach our children but when the white man comes here to learn our language, which they learn very fast for whatever reasons, we celebrate them but we look down on ourselves for speaking our native language. So who has enslaved who? The other day, a Malian guy saved a French boy and was immediately given French citizenship and a job but his own president ordered him to come back to join the army in Mali. Africans naturally dont celebrate their own.
        The likes of Akeem Olajuwon, Anthony Joshua were able to excel because outsiders saw their talents and gave them an opportunity to thrive. What do our leaders do with people’s talents? Do they even see it not to talk of sponsoring it? A large number of sportsmen would rather represent European countries than Nigeria because their talents will be wasted here. Do we still blame the colonial masters for that?
        If Macron wants to open Alliance Francais in the 36states of Nigeria plus FCT, he is most welcome since our own language has no place in our lives. The chinese are still coming to open theirs too, so be ready. If Nigerian leaders have chosen to ruin the country with stealing, killing and destroying whatever is left, some people are ready to show them what it means to celebrate their culture and language, so dont be angry but give them land to thrive and be happy, afterall, they are not coming with cows. That is the Nigerian story

  2. iron bar

    July 5, 2018 at 1:16 AM

    Not even one community speak french in naija he should launch such alliance in francofone countries like cameroon and togo.french people ravaged the continent during colonial rule and still reap people off till today.ask people who come from those countries they colonised.they kept tyrant like biya of cameroon who is almost 90 and has been there since 1980 just because of oil exploitation.

    • Nosabi

      July 5, 2018 at 10:25 AM

      Spot on Iron bar.
      African have to wake up. If Macro was a Nigerian or next door Cameroonian could he ever be a president given his age? We are doomed for ever until we start thinking and respecting our own. What is he looking for in Nigeria? To ask grand pa Buhari to help him fight English Cameroon for grand pa Biya? This guy is not at all pro Africa. He is a scammer of the first order.

  3. Mark Orjiabor

    July 5, 2018 at 1:18 AM

    The prof is not smiling. He will soon write a long tale of why he didn’t support the initiative
    I agree with you @ juliet

  4. kelvis

    July 5, 2018 at 4:26 AM

    May God bless your wisdom juliet and iron .that has been one of the reasons I like the likes of Robert Mugabe and M Gaddafi those are men and leader’s with great courage that would had take Africa to its gifted height and take it back from these evil that wish to modern days slave them and not all this weaklings acclaiming leaders that we have for leaders whom even afraid to tell themselves the truth and forgot their history and the pains that goes with it..Africa wealth is that which still developing the Europeans countries till today why they still keep Africa down on its knees..Africans refusal to wake-up its painful and all we do is fight ourselves instead of fighting for each others

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