Photos: Woman Murdered By Facebook Friend At Her Apartment In Ferguson Missouri

woman murdered facebook friend

Dec 2nd, 2015 – Pictures: Single Mother Murdered By Facebook Lover At Her Apartment In Ferguson Missouri 

Meet 25-year-old Sharae Bradford, a single mother of one who was murdered by her male Facebook friend  the first time he visited her apartment in Ferguson.

According to police investigation, Miss Bradford allegedly agreed to sex for money with her killer.

She was found lying lifeless in the pool of her blood on Saturday the 28th of November 2015.

The suspect, Stassie Greer was later seen leaving Bradford’s apartment around 5:30pm. He was seen attempting to hide his face.

20-year-old Greer has been charged with first degree murder.

5 thoughts on “Photos: Woman Murdered By Facebook Friend At Her Apartment In Ferguson Missouri

  1. RIP,i dont belive sex for money,young gal or older women, becarefull about men u meet on facebook or any other place, first time and bring him to ur house or go to the man house. western world have make live easy and save to women or men, who cant keep body free from sex,afterall HIV and rest is in every place,why cant u buy a Idido,didfferent size and enjoy urself,no HIV or death.for men also,their is where thing u buy enjoy urself without death or HIV.look at ur life death @ 25ys, live ur poor kid along,i pray she is in good hand.

  2. When did Facebook turn to prostitution zone and dating site? Shameless people only face shameless deaths. Oyinbo lifestyles dey catch up with only yeye people wey them no born well.

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