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Please Help Akindele Omokunle: Mother Of 2 Needs Urgent Kidney Transplant Surgery

akindele omokunle

January 8, 2016 – Please Help Akindele Omokunle: Mother Of 2 Needs Urgent Kidney Transplant Surgery

She just had her second baby through a ceasarean session. She was weak and it was almost dismissed as baby-induced. But when days turn into weeks and the weakness refused to abate, Mrs Akindele Omokunle, 33, had to seek medical explanation.

So, on July 29, last year, she was at the Gbagada General Hospital, where diagnosis was carried out on her. The result of the test on her was shattering: she has kidney problem.

So far, she has had several dialysis session, the last being on Wednesday. She has been in and out of the hospital.

A consultant nephrologist, Dr. A.A. Busari, said: “She now hasý end stage renal disease (ESRD) with very low renal reserve. She is on maintenance dialysis and she will need kidney transplant eventually.”

The maintenance haemodialysis has cost her family thousands of naira. It costs. About N70,000 twice weekly. For the transplant she needs between N6 and N7 million.

The Iju-Lagos suburb-based mother of two, whose dilemma started on March 4 last year, needs the help of Nigerians, charity organisations and corporate organisations to stay alive.

To help Akindele, please reach out through her Access Bank account number 0701193122




  1. favour

    January 8, 2016 at 2:18 PM

    May God help her and keep her alive for her family

  2. DD

    January 8, 2016 at 4:17 PM

    Why cant they use the refunded stolen money to help out. Or the politicians should help these needy indeed than ravishing it on their stupid mitresses.

  3. Jilo

    January 8, 2016 at 4:51 PM

    This is a heart breaking story. As I have said earlier, put an end to eating junk foods and monitoring our diets really goes long way in trying to avoid most of these diseases. There may be other underlying factors but i’m positive that this woman situation might have connection to some foods she has been ingesting which did not metabolize well through her system. Diabetic situation is when the body hormone insulin cannot digest the food especially carbohydrates. When the insulin is abnormal all the food we eat stays in our body which may lead to other problem like high blood pressure, hypertension, kidney disease, liver disease because they are all connected to one another. Everybody system works differently, some people may not feel the effect until later in old age but some people may start feeling the effect in their younger age. However, weight reduction is one of primary remedies for a diabetic patients, reducing weight through exercise, eating low fat food and food that rich in fiber will help a lot in fighting against diabetics. Food such as Oat meal, Nigerian (Cooker oat)may be substituted for this, Orange (make sure you eat the inner part do not just take the juice in orange) one doctor advised me this before. corn, beans, grain food, vegetables, fruits, nuts, mushroom called Olu in Yoruba language etc. Drinking a lot of water is helpful. Some diabetic patients may be feeling hungering but they are not really feeling hungering but thirsty give them some water that will take care of it but if after drinking water they still feeling hungering they can eat some food. Sometimes they end up just eating little bit of food after feeling urgency for food. Finally, we have some beneficial food within our reach we must stop eating junk food especially imported foods. I know it is very hard for Nigerians to adjust but the end will justify the means. The following food must be forgone if you want to avoid organ failure diseases, No.1 Bread (Agege bread) you may satisfy your hunger immediately but when the side effect kicks in, it is very devastating, No.2 Cokacola this deadly drinks raise your sugar level not even ideal for diabetic patients, No.3 Avoid all Can products such as can Tomato,Can Milk or powder(Peak or Carnation) No.5 Beef May be adjusted to once in a month or in moderation but avoiding this is the best choice instead you can substitute meat for chicken, Duck or Fish. No.6 stop eating table Sugar (St.Louis)instead use horney. We already have enough sugar in our fruit (Fructose) which is better than (sucrose) table sugar. All our Apples, Mango, Banana,Pineapple have enough sugar in them. No.7 Palm Kernel Oil contain a lot of saturated fats Used in moderation or use Olive Oil instead. No.8 Avoid too much Rice alternatively, you can opt for Brown Rice. The reason is that all the imported rice contain an addictive that make you consume more which may be problematic. The type of sugar in rice is complex sugar which take longer process breaking into simple sugar. Eating this everyday may results to diabetics. White people do not consume rice the way we do. Anybody who has ever travelled by Plane will realize amount of rice they serve, that is the actual size we should be eating. No.9 Avoid too much Alcohol, Wine is good in moderation not sweetening one. No.10 Avoid pre-packed food list goes on. We have a Nigerian syndrome that whenever we have little money all we do is buying and eating foreign food which is more deadly than our own made food. One thing our leader should be doing now is how to make Agriculture sustainable for us instead of focusing in stealing our money. May God stand by you and provide for you during the course of your surgery Mrs.Akindele.

  4. MAC

    January 18, 2016 at 6:22 PM


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