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NMA Demands Apology As Abuja Police Arrest Doctor Who Performed CPR On Ex RCCG Minister, Suicide Victim

nigerian doctor arrested performing cpr suicide victim

Nigerian Doctor Who Performed CPR On Ex-RCCG Member, Suicide Victim Recounts How Police Harassed Him

NMA Demands Apology As Abuja Police Arrest Doctor Who Performed CPR On Ex RCCG Minister, Suicide Victim

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has condemned the alleged harassment and intimidation by the Police of a doctor, Dr Daniel Eitokpha who attempted in vain to rescue a suicide victim.

Dr Ekpe Phillips Chairman of the NMA in the FCT told newsmen in Abuja that the attack was a case in point to many other attacks on doctors by the Police.

Phillips said that Eitokpah was immediately held as a suspect thereby causing so much damage on his image, moral and professional status as a medical doctor.

“This is indeed worrisome and indicates what some innocent Nigerians pass through everyday in the hands of the law enforcement agents.

“According to him, Eitokpah graduated from Ternopil State Medical School, Ukraine in 2016 and returned to Nigeria as a Brain gain to serve his country only to experience this harsh and hostile treatment from those who are supposed to protect him.

“When the team of Police arrived the scene, Eitokpah identified himself as medical doctor, a youth corps member and explained the situation he met on ground to the police, expecting commendation.

“He was rather rebuked, arrested and immediately termed a suspect after being addressed in a demeaning manner, this is indeed really unfortunate,” he said.

Phillips said that this was one of the many harassment NMA members passed through in the course of discharging their duties as professionals.

He called on the appropriate authority in the police to call its officers and men to order and put an end to the incessant harassment and criminalisation of doctors, not only in FCT but in Nigeria at large.

He stated that Eitokpah now feels afraid and insecure in his country because of the behaviour of the Police who termed him a suspected murderer instead of protecting him after detailed identification, explanation and confirmation by other witnesses.

“But for the CCTV footage, Dr Daniel Eitokpah would have still being in detention and perhaps would have been sentenced to death for trying to save the life of a neighbour, a Nigerian. The CCTV footage actually revealed that the RCCG gospel artist succeeded in committing suicide solely for over 4 hours.

“It is unfortunate that those who drew the attention of the public and put an emergency call to the police were also arrested, intimidated and harassed.

“It appears that if you see an emergency situation that requires urgent attention, one should quietly walk away,” he wondered.

The NMA however demanded for public apology to Dr Eitokpah, his family and NMA-FCT, adding that the police should stop further harassment and intimidation of medical doctors and other health professionals on duty.



  1. Chioma Beauty

    May 21, 2019 at 9:08 PM

    This is why people no longer help the distressed. Those NPF fools will come after u and humiliate you.

  2. iron bar

    May 22, 2019 at 1:50 AM

    unprofessional rogues who are hired off from the streets..even on uniform,they get drunk and u could imagine people who are carelessly arrested or shot for such carelessness.
    keep believing police is your friend..they might be but just two percent of the entire force.

  3. Fifelomo

    May 22, 2019 at 8:24 AM

    Just wondering if helping those in distress is a sin/ crime! Mchew bunch of brainless human. To harass and intimidate are the major course they learnt in police college. Yeye people!

  4. Ndidi

    May 26, 2019 at 9:33 AM

    Police are terrible people ,you can imagine an okada man ran into me from the back ,broke my back screen because of the force he landed with his face into the back screen broke his face and my driver was arrested and my car seized their excuse was that the okada man is not in a good state to defend himself at the end of it the okada family begged for assistance for hospital bills and the DTO said when he tried to rescue my car and driver from the angry mob of the okada people my driver was resisting help so therefore he should be put in the cell when I threatened to take it to court the female police was now saying to me that at least am a woman just give the DTO money and my car and driver will be released to me you can imagine I never agreed to her threats saying that they can say it was my driver that hit the guy thank God my back screen was broken and from all indications it shows the ran into me from the back at last when they saw that I was not forthcoming I was realised and I was left to repair my car

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