RCC Project Managers On Benin Shagamu Are Cocaine Drug Addicts- Workers Alert NDLEA

rcc project managers cocaine drug addicts

April 26, 2017  – RCC Construction Company Project Managers On Benin Shagamu Are Cocaine Drug Addicts, They Maltreats Nigerians Whenever He Is High


This is a company that believes in their expatriates rather than the hosts, Nigerians. The mere works of the expatriates is just to supervise the company materials and resources.

The main works lies with Nigerians, which they did not appreciate. It is regretted that the company management that employs all these expatriates did not border to check on their way of life on site.

For example, the Project manager, Mr. Ofir attached to RCC km 188 Benin-shagamu is an addict. He smokes and inhales suspected narcotic substances.

That is why he misbehaves, maltreats and sack workers anyhow without any reason.

For now the site is boiling for sacking some workers. We urge their employer and NDLEA to visit the site to check on the duos of Ofir and Fieldsman if they will not be tested positive to hard drugs.

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