Rev Father John Adeyi Found Dead: Corpse Of Kidnapped Catholic Vicar Found Inside Bush

rev father john adeyi dead

June 23, 2016 – Rev Father John Adeyi Murdered By His Kidnappers: Corpse Of Kidnapped Catholic Vicar Found Inside Bush In Otukpo

Catholic Rev. Father John Adeyi who was declared missing in April has been found dead.

The decomposing body of the Vicar General of Otukpo Catholic Diocese was discovered yesterday along a bush path at Adoka area of Otukpo LGA of Benue State.

Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom has vowed to arrest those behind Rev Father Adeyi’s murder.

See photos from the murder scene….

May his soul rest in peace (amen).

11 thoughts on “Rev Father John Adeyi Found Dead: Corpse Of Kidnapped Catholic Vicar Found Inside Bush

    • Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm, says the Lord. The perpetrator of this wicked act will not go unpunished. They will surely face the wrath of God.

  1. Samuel Ortom is a toothless bulldog. Its high time Benue people understood tht they don‘t have a Gov. in the State, order than one inactive non-living statue in the govt house.

    He did not arrest the abductors when the Rev. was alive, is it now he will arrest them? stupid man who doesn‘t pay his workers talking crap.

    This is so painful. The FG must take a drastic measures concerning all these men of the under-World called Kidnappers.

    My sympathy is highly exteded to all the good people of Idoma Land.
    May the Rev. rest with the Saints.


  2. What ever this priest may have done to anyone does not permit anybody to kill him. I’m 100% sure the killers are already dead while alive. May peace never know their names in Jesus name..can I get a big AMEN??

    Rest in peace father!

  3. This is one thing about we Nigerians, we mourn that is it. We will never talk about how to proffer solution as in how to put a permanent stop to this kidnapping menace. Can we all come with one voice to push for the death sentencing against these kidnappers. We can only stop this craziness by applying tougher measures. Even with that, you can still find some people who will against such move.

  4. vowed to arrest, since April that d Rev father was missing u are now vowing to arrest. Rip man of God

  5. This is so so sad. I pity his killers, they’ve just dug their own grave/destruction. RIP rev father

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