Rita Dominic: I Love Playing Scary Movie Roles

rita dominic scary movies roles

Nollywood actress Rita Dominic has said she likes movie roles that scares her because it helps her channel her best into getting the best out of the roles.

Rita expressed her love for scary roles and why she puts in her all to ensure near perfection whenever given such roles.

In a chat, the actress said, “I like it when a character scares me. When the character scares me, it encourages me to go inside of me and invoke everything I have, you know every acting demon i have inside of me, digging out and just putting it into the character or role.”

The AMVCAs winner made this known when speaking about her role in a movie, The Guest, which also starred, Femi Jacobs and Somkele Iyamah.

She said, “I liked the story, I like role, the role scared me when I first read the script and for me, I like roles that scare me.”

The actress made a name for herelf by featuring in an array of roles over the years.

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