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Juliet Ibrahim Biography & Net Worth: Family History & Life Story Of Lebanese Liberian Ghallywood Actress

juliet ibrahim biography net worth

Biography And Net Worth Of Ghanaian Lebanese/Liberian Actress Juliet Ibrahim…..

The only thing better than beauty or brains individually is having both together, and this is an attribute this famous Ghanaian actress possesses. Juliet Ibrahim is one of the most talented, hardworking and beautiful actresses to ever come out of Ghana and Africa as a whole. She has been a source of inspiration to many of her fans and colleagues over the years with her gaining prominence not only in Ghana’s Ghallywood but also the largest movie industry in Africa, Nollywood.

The actress story is one that entails constant relocation between several countries due to war, education, and family amongst other things. Juliet Ibrahim is one that has managed to beat the odds and shame the critics managing to build an empire with her works ranging over; acting, music, fashion, modeling and even business investment and management.

Her several prominent works combined with her beauty and great personality have earned her a place among Ghana’s hall of fame, and it is certain her works are bound to remain relevant for decades to come. With all these listed above, one would think the actress story is one with a bed of roses, but that is far from the truth.

Juliet Ibrahim has been a victim of several allegations and criticisms, one of the negatives associated with her career. She has had a failed marriage and has had to work extra hard to make her name in the movie industry especially because of the setbacks associated with her gender. Nonetheless, the beautiful actress has managed to rise to the top, and today, she is one of Africa’s biggest and most sought-after movie stars. This article gives an insight into the life of Ghallywood and Nollywood’s darling, Juliet Ibrahim.

Juliet Ibrahim Early Life

Juliet Ibrahim was born on the 3rd of March 1986 to parents of multi-ethnic origin in Accra Ghana. She is one of three girls in a family of 5. Her parents consisted of her father Mr. Hussein Ibrahim who is a Lebanese and  Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Ibrahim, her mother, who is of Liberian and Ghanian descent. The actress had three other siblings who were her sisters, Sonia and Nadia. She also had a brother who is the last in the family; his name was Nabil Ibrahim.

Juliet Ibrahim’s family chose to opt her for Ghanian citizenship rather than that of Lebanon, a decision they have not come to regret in the long run. The beautiful actress early childhood days were characterized by relocation between several regions, and the main cause was that her family was trying to avoid the tragedies of the Liberian war that was going on.

She had her primary education in her father’s home country which was Lebanon but had to move to Ivory Coast to stay with her family. Now in a new region, Juliet Ibrahim did well to get accustomed to the system and had her secondary education over the course of the next few years. One would think she was done with moving around but the actress was just beginning, she later moved to Ghana where she had her higher learning.

Over the years the actress developed an interest in languages and the entertainment industry, she subsequently enrolled in one of Ghana’s leading institutions Ghana Institute of Languages where she majored in three European languages which were English, French and Spanish. She had a very successful stay at the institution and is fluent in those three languages up till today, many of her fans believe her fast and impressive learning was aided by the fact that she spent her childhood relocating between several regions all over the world.

After a successful stint at the Ghana Institute of Languages, she decided to further her education and subsequently enrolled in Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ)  where she studied Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations. By the end of her studies, Juliet Ibrahim was already well accustomed to Ghana and its environment. With her superior mental prowess heightened by her life always being on the move and combined with her astonishing beauty, the actress was always bound for the spotlight. A revelation that steadily came to pass over the following years.

Juliet Ibrahim Career, Awards & Net Worth

Juliet Ibrahim had always been a very beautiful lady right from the onset, she decided to use this attribute to her benefit and found her way into the modeling industry. Over the next few years, she rose among the ranks and walked the runway for many of the biggest modeling companies of that time.

Some of the famous modeling agencies in which Juliet Ibrahim walked the runway for includes the famous GTP Fabric, Joyce Ababio, B Exotic and many others. The beautiful actress was very good at her works and subsequently served as a TV advertisement model for several other private companies. At the prime of her modeling career, Juliet Ibrahim decided to widen her horizon and then went into acting in 2005.

She had her movie debut in blockbuster movie ‘Crime to Christ’ in which she played a lead role alongside A-list colleague and Nollywood lover boy ‘Majid Michel’. The actress impressive role in the movie was met with massive love and acceptance from the public and other principal factors in the entertainment industry. With her role in the movie ‘Crime to Christ’ in 2005, she became a household name in Ghana and had gained the interest of her Nigerian counterparts.

With her impressive role in her debut movie, it did not take long for her to score a major role in Nollywood, she had her first Nollywood in a movie titled ‘Yankee Boys’. She played the role major of the lover of a notorious criminal in the movie; you can trust the actress to always turn heads with her impressive performance and beauty. A few years into her first movie in 2005 and breakthrough into Nigeria’s Nollywood she had managed to attain the height of being an A-list actress in Africa.

Her return to Ghana following a brief stint in Nollywood was welcomed with warm hearts by her fans and the general public. She started receiving many roles and has since then gone to feature in over 50 films both in Ghallywood and Nollywood.

Juliet Ibrahim is a very beautiful and multi-talented individual, her ability to play different roles in movies exceptionally has been a factor that has kept her relevant in the entertainment industry over the years. In Nollywood alone, she has featured in all the different genres having acted in English, Yoruba and Hausa movies, not to forget her lovely role in Ghanian Twi movies.

She also has a production company to her name, titled Jewels Productions . An investment that has steadily managed to grow over the years. The production company produced its first movie ‘Number One Love’ which was released in mid-2014. After a successful launch, the production company subsequently went on to release its second movie titled ‘Shattered Love’ later that year. All the movies turned out to be commercially successful, and her fans certainly have their eyes open for more works from her. Also, directing is one of the skills the actress has up her sleeves. She directed her first project in the series titled ‘Every Woman Has A Story’ which was relatively successful.

Away from the entertainment industry, Juliet Ibrahim is regarded as an exceptional entrepreneur with her having business investments and establishment in areas such owning a beauty parlor, a modeling agency, and being a stock market trader just to mention a few. She is also a philanthropist and has a foundation to her name. The foundation is named Juliet Ibrahim Foundation and is dedicated to providing help for the less privileged in different parts in Ghana. The foundation has been involved in several successful charitable projects, and its prominent was when it managed to raise funds needs for the kidney surgery of a teenager. The actress was lauded by the public for her works.

Juliet Ibrahim is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Africa’s, and this has earned her several reputable awards over the years on both the local and continental stage. She earned her first major award in 2010, five years after her movie debut. In 2010 she received three different reputable awards which were Achievement Award and Ghana Movie Personality of The  Year by City People Magazine and Best Actress in A Movie at the Ghana Movie Awards. 2010 was said to be a very successful year for the actress, and she went on to win several other reputable awards in the coming years.

Juliet Ibrahim has earned her place as one of Africa’s A-list actresses. She is also business savvy with a personal investment in fashion, movie production and even stock trading. From all these, the actress has managed to build a business empire for herself over the years and this complemented by her high social status has earned her an estimated Networth of $1.1 million.

Juliet Ibrahim Family Life & Relationships

The beautiful actress is one of four children. She is the first girl, and her sisters are named Nadia and Sonia, who have also made attempts to enter into the entertainment industry. Her youngest sibling, Nabil, who is the last born and only boy is yet to make his entrance into the entertainment industry, but many of her fans believe he his well on his way as he has got the looks and charm. Her parents are named Mr. Hussein Ibrahim and Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Ibrahim.

juliet ibrahim parents

Sarah Elizabeth Ibrahim, Mother

 Hussein Ibrahim

Hussein Ibrahim, Father

The actress is regarded as one of the most beautiful actresses in Africa, as such she has had her fair share of romantic relationships. She got married to popular Ghanian businessman Kwadwo Safo Junior in 2010. The union was blessed with a single child named Jayden before their marriage hit the rock. The couple called it quits and finally got divorced in 2014.

Juliet Ibrahim seems to have moved as she was involved in a romantic relationship with popular Nigerian musician Iceberg Slim. The couple seemed to be having a very good time together as they were fond of uploading ‘spicy’ pictures of each other on their social media accounts. The relationship was however short lived as there were rumors they separated on the grounds of infidelity on Iceberg Slim’s side. This was confirmed when they deleted each other pictures on their social media accounts. They eventually broke up in mid-2018.

Juliet Ibrahim seems to have occupied her heart with other things as she is seen spending quality time with her son, and he is growing up to be a very good man. It is however unsure if the actress is still open to relationships anytime soon. Well, that is something her fans are looking forward to.

Juliet Ibrahim Latest News

More than a decade after her first movie debut in 2005, Juliet Ibrahim has grown to be one of the most famous actresses in Ghana, Nigeria, and Africa as a whole. She has been involved in romantic relationships with many of them being short-lived. She is a doting mother to her son Jaden.

The beautiful actress is one that is never to let her setbacks pull her down as she is still working on widening her horizon. She recently launched her reality show ‘The Perfect Assistant’ and still has several movie projects on her plates.

Her other business investment such as Envoque Beauty Parlor, House of Glamor, and production company, Jewels Production seem to be yielding positive results. She recently launched her face beauty products named ‘Shades By Juliet Ibrahim’ in which she pulled a daring feat of making controversial Big Brother Naija finalist ‘Cee-C’ its brand ambassador.

She is a strong component of embracing one’s natural talents and flaws, always trying to inspire her fans and young girls trying to make it into the mainstream in the entertainment industry. Her philanthropic works have done nothing but improve lives if the masses she could get to in different areas of Ghana.

Juliet Ibrahim is a talented actress that has managed to make a difference in the entertainment industry in her minute ways. She has been a source of inspiration for many young talents. Her beauty, talents, mental prowess and savvy business skills have helped her stand out among her peers.

As if the moment, the actress claims she is more focused on her career than relationship and has more in stock for her fans.

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