Ritualists Arrested With Human Head In Abuja

abuja ritualists arrested boy head

July 25, 2012 – Ritual Killers Arrested With Human Head In Abuja

A ritual killer identified as Joan Yakubu popular called Tambaya and his accomplice were arrested on the 22nd of July in Abuja following a brutal beheading of a neighbour’s child.

25 year old Joan Yakubu and his partner-in-crime, Ishaya Dukulung, 30 were arrested by DSS Officials in Abuja.

Confession Of Abuja Ritualist

Yakubu claimed a friend of his who requested for a fresh human head to be sold to a client in Abuja has promised him huge cash in return.

“I cut off the head of Danjuma after I persuaded him by asking if he would like to eat bread and he answered yes! So I bought bread for N50 and gave him and while he was eating, I asked him to go with me to a nearby river for a swim which he did. “When we got to the river, I entered the river while he stayed away. I told him to join me while I pretended to be washing my feet. I forced the boy to drown before I cut off the head and left the main body in the river.” –  Yakubu confessed

He later kept the head in a bag and took it to his accomplice Dakulung where they later headed to Abuja to meet the potential buyer.

How The Ritualists Were Arrested In Abuja

According to Ibrahim Halilu, the assistant director of operations, the two suspects were arrested at about 01:30 at AYA junction with fresh head of a boy of about 7 yrs old.

The victim has been identified as Samu Danjuma from Anquwan Galadima in Nasarawa State.

The ritualists were arrested after a tip-off from a witness on their way to the buyer.

God have mercy !

These ritualists are heartless.

11 thoughts on “Ritualists Arrested With Human Head In Abuja

  1. m afriad the world is turning to sometin else, pls let the authority investigate and find out this buyer of human head

  2. Actually this story of beheading a poor and innocent boy of seven years old is very pathetic. God can never forgive them. They must pay the price some day. But my main concern and what i want to know is that did or have police arrested the man who demanded to buy the humam head ?. The man who wanted the head is number one offender/culprit. Let the police try to get at him if they know that they are doing their job very well.

  3. Is nt new in dis part of nation,our rich pple dnt stop @ only embesselment bt dey do dis nd av their way.Police cnt gt em cuz ‘wu no need money” hw many stolen money,killing etc av dey recover wt heavy nd fearful punishment awaitin em.I beg,no leader 2 lead by making sacrifice

  4. ha may GOD guide us tru, dis men ar truly hearthless, bt d no1 ofenced man here is d buyer d polis men try and should trap him down by all mins

  5. This is evil. By only arresting these two culprits will not solve the problem coz the head buyer will look for others people to this for him. Let the police find this buyer

  6. u re totaly right, Uzoma. I think that’s da right thing to do coz if da buyer is nt arrested too, he wil den ask anoda person to do dat for a huge amount as he told the murderers…hmmm!! Where atall is this world turnin towards?

  7. Oh charley! Exactly what is happening in Nigeria?
    If not boko haram doing the killing today, then someone is else is terminating innocent lives.
    May God have mercy

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