Seun Egbegbe: I ‘Disvirgined’ Toyin Aimakhu Before She Met Her Toy Husband Adeniyi Johnson

seun egbegbe disvirgined toyin aimakhu

April 6, 2016 – Seun Egbegbe: I ‘Deflowered’ Toyin Aimakhu Before She Met Her Toy Husband Adeniyi Johnson

Ebony Films CEO recently floored Toyin Aimakhu while chatting with some friends at a function in Oyo.

According to whispering bird who heard what he was telling a couple of friends at the wedding ceremony, the millionaire movie marketer who is still pained by the disgraceful manner in which Toyin Aimakhu dumped him reportedly told his friends he deflowered Toyin when she was just 16.

These are the exact words of the Ebony Films Boss:

“I use to eat that small girl before she ever dreamt of acting, I introduced her to my friend that was how she found fame. To be honest with you, I deflowered her long before she met that toy boy, mark my words, she will never settle because there is nothing you give her that will satisfy her. I used yoyo bitter and every bitter herbs on the market but my performance never satisfy her. What else does she want from me. I have my life to live please let her go forever”.

No be small thing ooo, the Oga sounds pained.

Some men sha, must Mr Egbegbe badmouth Toyin in front of friends who might later pick interest in her.

Indeed hell hath no fury like a man scorned.

57 thoughts on “Seun Egbegbe: I ‘Disvirgined’ Toyin Aimakhu Before She Met Her Toy Husband Adeniyi Johnson

  1. Ode seun na dis guy name o. he is just acting like a boy, so cos u be her first love nko dem dey take dat enter heaven ni stupid immatured man if u knw hw to satify a woman she won’t walk out of ur stupid life local omo ibadan jatijati she don move on with her life na u dey worry ur life and talking rubbish talks around Oloriburuku na by force to marry her stupid wanna be guy ole.

  2. I just feel bad for Toyin…but who knows if he put voodoo or sleeping pill in her drink so he can have his way with her…he is so childish and senseless…he needs to shut his mouth and shut the fuck up..foolish idiot..

  3. This guy is nothing but a fool. An overgrown idiot. Ladies, pls be careful of the type of man you associate with. Even Niyi that you call a toyboy is 100% better than you are. Mtchew

  4. Look Seun u r not a kid mind u one man build a house thousand of people leaves in it. just make sure you apologize to this lady period.

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