Shock As MTV EMA Withdraws Nigerian Artist Wizkid’s Award, Gives It To Tanzanian Singer Alikiba

mtv withdraws wizkid award

Nov 12, 2016 – Confusion As MTV EMA Revokes Nigerian Artist Wizkid’s Award, Gives It To Tanzanian Singer Alikiba

Nigerians were shocked to the bone when it was announced that star singer Ayo Balogun was “incorrectly” awarded the Best African Act award at the recently concluded MTV European Music Awards held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on November 6, 2016.

The award which was initially given to Wizkid was said to have been taken from him and given to his Tanzanian counterpart, Alikiba.

It was reported that the MTV EMA posted a statement on its website which named Alikiba, as the rightful recipient of the award.

Here is what Wizkid’s manager Sunday Are said about the development:

“They had announced him as the winner and if he was at the award ceremony and the award had been given to him in person, would they come back to say that the award isn’t for him anymore? I think there is something fishy going on about this development. If Wizkid was present to receive the award, would they have said on stage that it was an error? I really think there is something suspicious going on. The MTV EMA is not a small award, it is a very prestigious one and they cannot afford to make such a mistake because it is too costly. Personally, I think there is more to this and something suspicious is going on,” .

See Alikiba’s response to Wizkid’s award withdrawal below

10 thoughts on “Shock As MTV EMA Withdraws Nigerian Artist Wizkid’s Award, Gives It To Tanzanian Singer Alikiba

  1. This is just simply a case of “divide and rule”from MTV.They intentionally want to make “Wizzy” & Alikiba fight each other.

    Well done Alikiba!! and his Tweets praising and acknowledging “Wizzy”.

  2. THEY HAVE just mocked Wizkid, and I am wondering if a legal suit could redress this kind of thing. To announce somebody a winner provokes his excitement, and could make him do things he wouldn’t have ordinarily done. Then you withdraw the award after all the celebrations. The feeling is shame and disappointment to whoever gets to experience this.

    I THINK the better thing is to stick to the error once they have made it, instead of trying to correct it and risk starting a cold war between two celebrities.

  3. Wizkid should rise above this in spite of the acute disappointment. They have not withdrawn his talent so it is time to brace-up and show them that he is already great with or without their award.

    Whizzy, the Lord is your strength and all the best lies before you. Go out there and conquer more !!!

  4. What a costly mistake. Alikiba, it shows you are matured. With or without the award. Wizzy is a name home and abroad.

  5. I’m a strong fan of baddo and baddest…but I really don’t appreciate what happened to my starboy king…its really embarrassing..what an insult…they shud av sticked with the error…

  6. this people don’t really know what they are doing,I will call this disgrace to them not to wizkid it shows they are incompetent to organize award

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