South African Prison Warder Caught Kissing Inmate Commits Suicide After Photos Leak Online

prison warder suicide brits south africa

October 17, 2017 – Female South African Prison Warder Who Fell In Love With Male Innate In Correctional Facility Takes Her Own Life After Relationship Secret & Romantic Photos Leak Online

A correction facility officer in South Africa has ended her own life after a romantic photo of her and that of a male innate she fell in love with leaked online.

The warder whose name is yet to be revealed worked at Losperfontein prison in Brits, North West Province of South Africa.

She reportedly fell in love with a male inmate and the duo started a relationship from inside the prison.. She took her own life yesterday morning after their romantic pictures emerged online.

Investigation is ongoing to sanctions the inmate involved.

Here is what a prison insider who shared the story online wrote:

5 thoughts on “South African Prison Warder Caught Kissing Inmate Commits Suicide After Photos Leak Online

  1. Foolish warder. You should have carried out your professional duty and don’t involve romance. u killed urself

  2. What do you expect from women in the Brits area because most of the women do not respect even their marriages. It is a norm that a woman leaves her husband for another man in the name of cheating. Anything you do whether good or bad it will caught up with you one day. This has been going for a long time in our SA prisons, what is the Department of Correctional service doing to workshop their employees to be professional and respect their jobs.

  3. Most people partner are living in a prison yard. But the situation of taking your own life Doesn’t worth it. How I wish you stood out and follow it legally for his case leniency and release unto freedom.
    RIP young

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