SSS Invites Pastor Tunde Bakare For A Chat


July 23, 2012 – SSS Invites Pastor Tunde Bakare For A Chat

Pastor Tunde Bakare was today quizzed by Nigeria’s State Security Service, SSS over his controversial preaching of yesterday which titled “How To Change Government Peacefully And Make Society Better“.

Pastor Tunde Bakare was not detained however, he was questioned for over an hour and later released

Excerpts from the sermon

“In spite of the president’s promises to deal with insecurity head-on, this government appears helpless because it cannot see the linkage between corruption and violence,”

“the nation has been thrown to the dogs of pervasive corruption and disruptive, perennial insecurity”.

Pastor Tunde Bakare listed the Unquestionable God Factor, Resignation, Impeachment and the People’s Revolt as some of the options open to Jonathan.

Out of these options, he said the immediate one is resignation which, according to him, “is not a sign of weakness– it is a sign of patriotic truthfulness. It is giving opportunity to those who can do a better job in the interest of a nation to carry on with nation-building where the exiting leader stops.”

There will be change of leadership in Nigeria before 2015 – he added.