Stephanie Okereke Asked Why She’s Not Pregnant – Read Her Shocking Response

stephanie okereke pregnancy

Sept 23rd, 2013 – Stephanie Okereke Asked Why She’s Not Pregnant After Marriage – Read Her Shocking Response

Months after losing her pregnancy, Nollywood actress Stephanie Okereke Linus has granted another interview to relieve fans of their worries.

The actress who said she’ll take in at God’s time plans to raise her unborn kids in Nigeria and abroad.

In this recent interview with Tade Makinde, hear she said;

QuestionYour wedding took place abroad. Are you guys also planning to raise your kids in Nigeria or abroad?

Stephanie Okereke’s Response: The world is becoming global; it’s going to be both Nigeria and abroad.

Question: Have you guys decided on the numbers of kids to have?

Stephanie Okereke’s Response: Am I supposed to tell you that?

Interviewer: Just asking…

Stephanie: Okay.  As many as possible.

InterviewerWhen will you start because I expect you to have been pregnant by now?

Stephanie’s Response: Are you God that is going to decide on that? This kind of thing, you don’t decide it yourself.

Early this year, the actress got pregnant but sadly she lost the pregnancy in the first trimester.

Other actresses who miscarried this year include Funke Akindele and Ini Edo.

19 thoughts on “Stephanie Okereke Asked Why She’s Not Pregnant – Read Her Shocking Response

  1. Steph dearie just have faith in God you will surely smile like mothers do on the first day they hold their tiny tot, you shall surely hold yours in-sha-Allah.

  2. The interviewer should go learn how to interview professionally. There are ways the questions could have been asked which could have brought out the right/best answers.

    • Thank you!!!! i was thinking the same! how can the person say i expect you to be pregnant by now?! who are you?!! mtchwwww that’s why most of them can never reach the standard of western tv hosts.

  3. Now they will remember GOD.Na wa for this world oooo they will not remember all what they have done when they where young, how many Abortions drugs to terminates.Now they know Gods time is the best.Lesson to those ladies thinking they are smart and RUNS girls. E go bi like film for una..K-W***Y

    • You are right bro.Now they will know that Gods time is the best but when they where Fucking all the DICK them no remember say God get time.Now they know say him time na the best..As for Ini Edo that one don already abort finish finish because her ASS is disturbing her..Nonsense..

  4. Judgemental Idiot! Are you God.?Do you know the amount of female that had abortions and are still able to make babies? Well start judging ur mum, sisters, all ur female relations and yourself

  5. Bukky God bless u for dt, dnt mind d useless idiot didn’t u see d big fools name boko haram,and d first fool calls his name talk any how which is to say dey lack home training at least she got pregnant and had a miscarriage. Dia own mother used a local drug for abortion yet God forgave dem and does two idiot wher born no wonder dey lack manners nonesense

  6. Hee, u guy should focus more on stph’s case nt d oda way round. Steph u ar an NGOR OKPALA BLOOD bt sinc u got into limelight u no d reach home again well, God Dey. KS2 4 TONEZ

  7. I thought the interviewer would ask her the number of times her hussy touches her body. unreasonable questions I don’t think the interviewer prepared well before the interview he/she was short of questions.

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