Stephen Keshi Resigned Over Unpaid Salaries & No Official Car

stephen keshi resigned

Feb 12, 2013 – Stephen Keshi Resigned Over Unpaid Salaries & Lack Of Official Car Of His Own

Hours after Super Eagles coach Stephen Keshi tendered his resignation letter over a personal matter, a new report has surfaced to why Stephen Keshi resigned.

According to Super Eagles’ spokesman, Ben Alaiya, Stephen Keshi has indeed resigned.

It is true,” While speaking to a South African radio show on Monday evening, Keshi said that he handed in his resignation letter after the match on Sunday night.

“I gave them (Nigeria Football Federation) my letter of resignation immediately after last night’s game, but I haven’t heard from them yet,” – said Ben Alaiya

According to a report from Punch, a direct communication line has opened between the President Jonathan and Keshi after the announcement and the former captain of the national team confirmed he had resigned and was only awaiting the response of the NFF officials.

A very highly placed official in the Presidency said that the matter had been taken up immediately. The source added that after the discussion with Keshi, he agreed to withdraw his resignation and continue his job with the team.

The official said, “Yes, it is very true that Keshi resigned his position as coach of the Eagles. That he confirmed to us. It was quite alarming given the complaints he brought up. There were a lot on things going on that the nation didn’t know.

Why Stephen Keshi Resigned

“He informed us about backlog of salaries, his official car that has only been on paper since he took office. Even in South Africa, money was a lot of issue. It is appalling but the key thing is that Keshi has calmed down and has agreed to continue as the coach of Nigeria.”

Nigerians React To Stephen Keshi’s Resignation

Below are some open letters to Super Eagles Coach Keshi

Dear Keshi, I am sorry to tell you that this resignation cannot stand! I am sure you only wanted to teach NFF a bitter lesson. They were pressurizing you to resign when the team played two games with straight draws and were looking good for early exit in the tournament. But you did not resign at
that time because you loved your job and believed in your boys. Now you have been vindicated by God and just like any normal human being with sense of pride and accomplishment, you feel the time is right to get back at your critics. You chose to do it in a great way that would shake the whole country and shock the world (and not just Africa). You calculated well and your advisers did well too.

Dear Keshi , I want you to understand one thing. They (NFF) meant well for you and the team when they called for your resignation during the poor performance era in the competition after all your job is ‘hire and fire’ and you know it. The whole nation was apprehensive about the money and time spent preparing the team for the competition which was not commensurate to their performance at that period in time. Yes, you can say we were inpatient like every Nigerian is known to be, this has been our shortcoming (in Lagos, for instance, people rush here and there for nothing)! But somehow, that turned to become a tonic for steady improved performance in
the competition. It pushed you to perform.

With the stress tonic in your systems, every member of the team improved their games (including your technical unit) and over night, you were transformed from ‘Super Chicken’ to our enviable and respected ‘Super Eagle’. I am not holding brief for NFF and I am not saying that there is no possibility of witch hunting you (by some of their members who were against
your employment from the onset) during your trying period with the team but
even if that happened, I believe you can now look up to the sky to thank your God for vindicating you with victory over all of them and (just like Joseph in the Bible) say:’ what they meant for evil , my God has now turned for my

Keshi, I understand how you feel as a human being but I want you to know that we (Nigerians) truly love you. I believe that now is not the right time for controversies but time for celebration. I expect you to be ready for the greater task ahead of you immediately the national welcome party is over. The task to the Confederations Cup is a serious one because as against the AFCON where you represented Nigeria (a country in the continent of Africa), at the Confederations Cup (which is just few months away) you will be representing the continent of Africa herself and you cannot afford to fail her.
You are now Keshi of Africa! The World Cup qualification format presented by
CAF is a thorough one aimed at picking nothing but the very best to represent Africa in Brazil next year and it will be a big shame if the African Champions are not part of the party in summer 2014 in Brazil.Here again, failure or average performance can not be accepted.I want to believe that the responsibilities of leadership and the pressure that comes with being in the eyes of the press with continuous expectations to perform well at every competition is not scaring our winning(and Africa’s best) Coach Keshi away. I hope you see the challenges ahead as surmountable or do I recommend you spend some time with the current coach of the Spanish national team to be mentored by him? Greatness brings challenges and great men are never scared of limelight. You have been there before as a player so there is no reason to fright now as a coach Keshi!

Keshi, on behalf of all Nigerians(and not just NFF) , I tender my unreserved apology for whatever wrong treatment NFF must have done to you while in South Africa for the AFCON. Please understand that even the common man on the streets of Lagos, Aba, Abuja, Ibadan, kano to mention but a few called for your resignation at the time the team was not grinding out
good results in AFCON 2013. Yes, NFF did not act right to you but you must not forget that even them were not spared by angry Nigerians. Check the news papers and see how they were crying and looking for how to save their jobs during that trying period in South Africa. Nigerians were calling for their heads and I guess they just transferred their aggression to you the way it was targeted at them at that time by Nigerians for employing you instead of other preferred coaches whose names you already know.

Brother keshi, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown and I know that you will have a rethink soon and withdraw your resignation because no one in NFF will dare accept your resignation without attracting the wrought of the whole world. You have proved to be a true Nigerian, the very true son of your father by exhibiting the ‘I can do spirit ‘of an average Nigerian. You gave us all cause to smile even when we were all against you like the true

Stephen Okechukwu keshi we had always known since 1994. The uncommon resilient spirit of a Nigerian you exhibited in South Africa in maintaining steady growth, improvement and brilliance in the way you handled the team in AFCON 2013 speaks volume of your credibility as the worthy Coach we
must trust to do the job for us in a long time to come. No one can take your
place in the Super Eagles right now.Yes, let whom the cap fits wear it. Stepehen, the cap fits you for now and you have to continue to wear it or do
you have any other reason for resigning apart from the ones already  highlighted in this write up?

I am sure you want to continue building the team you reportedly said was just eighty percent near completion. I believe you will not sow for others to reap keshi. Brother, get up, dust your buttocks and get back to work. You can not resign now! I repeat that this resignation cannot stand!

5 thoughts on “Stephen Keshi Resigned Over Unpaid Salaries & No Official Car

  1. It will be painfull if keshi leaves that Hot seat.please sir, try and stay with us till the world cup that is coming up in 2014,let us think about this,if you are in kESHI’S shoe what will you Do?

  2. Though we made a mess of Keshi and his team, we still plead that he find a place in his heart to forgive the NFF & Nigeria at large.
    Thank you SIR!

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