TB Joshua’s Scoan Church Banned In Ghana Over Holy Water Deaths

tb joshua church banned in accra ghana

May 21st, 2013 – TB Joshua’s Scoan Church Banned In Accra, Ghana Over Holy Water Deaths

TB Joshua‘s Synagogues Church Of All Nation, Scoan has been banned in Ghana following the death of 4 of his church members during the distribution of free holy water on Sunday.

Accra Police DCOP, Christian Tettey Yehonu has directed SCOAN from hosting revivals at their Spintex auditorium in Accra where the incident occured.

Mr Tettey Yehonu indicated that, “the place was too small to manage a congregation of this magnitude”, and suggested that the Accra Sports Stadium or the independence square were more suitable alternatives to handle a crowd of that magnitude.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

May God have mercy on the innocent souls who died looking for free holy water.

36 thoughts on “TB Joshua’s Scoan Church Banned In Ghana Over Holy Water Deaths

  1. The thing wey dey pursue am from home don pursue am again in Ghana. God will keep exposing all these fake pastors for those who have eyes to see. And those who have chosen to be blind, their eyes will see nothing.

    • god will open those people eyes one day ,because they are ignorante which english man called disease . frustration and poverty causes it

      • @adex hw can u say such,are u richer then those high personaliities that attend the church?that man is trying and the water is working well it is not fake at all.pple are getting their deliverance those ur seed u alway wht has it done for u.but do u see tb joshua asking for seed bf god will bless.think twice my brodas

        • tesco there is diferent btw rich sprtual rich material ,if you see any material rich there that is to say he has one problem or the other i dont worship human being i worship god ,you people that are after him worship men not god

    • no one is talking about judgement ,we are only taking about the reality for those who care to know

    • @TEE BOI, JOHN 7:24 SAYS, Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. i will also want u to read the scripture u quoted, mathew 7:1,Judge not, that ye be not judged, please read it to verse 4. if u are a theft, the bible is tell u not to judge another theft——- Matt 7:1-4 (KJV)

      Matt 7:1-4
      1 Judge not, that ye be not judged. 2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. 3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam [is] in thine own eye?

  2. i’m not surprise about what u people are saying concerning dis man of God cox u are dat desame people dat crucify jesus christ by calling Him a thief,betrayal,imposter…name it. Does it mean dat God can not use His people again to manifest His powers?…mind what u say…!!!

    • mind wah u say about d man of God.it will be a thing of regret if u start talking rubbish against a man of God… beware and be warned.

  3. As long as he healing in the Name of Jesus I don’t care what people think of him. I believe we have perfect healing in the Name of JESUS. (RIP)

    • Did you say RIP? Was that meant for Jesus? Jesus died and rose again, Romans 1:4-5, Romans 6:8-11, Matthew 28:1-10, Mark 16:1-8. Jesus is alive my brethren.

  4. I believe in his teachings. Jesus says men will arise n greater works will dey do. Anybody dat is mockin him does nt knw God

  5. Anyway, i quite agree with u guys. The time is coming when the workers of iniquity shall be seperated from that of light

  6. Some people, its pity they dont appreciate good things. Am Zimbabwean, and always watch Emmanuel. Tv, the man is perfoming miracles and wonders thru blood name of jesus. People are helped daily without paying anything. Really, you Nigerians you are blessed to have such a man TB JOSHUA. The man is neither greedy nor selfish.

    • Willard, you cant understand from where u are. TB Joshua and Chris Oyakilome virtually ran away from Nigeria wen people became interested in the sources of their power, and wen govt banned miracles on TV bcos of fake miracles stage managed. Know that every spirit and power are not from God. Christ said on the last days that many will come in His Name working signs and wonders, that we shd be careful. He also said that many will on the last day say, “Lord we worked miracles in Your Name”. But He’ll tell them, “depart you workers of iniquity into lake of fire prepared for devil and his agents”. D other day Chris Oyakilome was busy preaching that masturbation isnt a sin. ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD. Be careful of what u watch and listen to.

  7. Not all dat cal d Father is a man of God, on d last day some wil say i heald d sick, raised d death In my name but He wil say i dnt knw u said Jesus Christ on d last day

  8. Dat man is realy tryin his best, bt d world wnt 2 use dat 2 cald him an imposter, can u cast devil out of a devil, u pple shuld watch ur mouth

  9. 4 all of u that agaist d power of god through a pastor in d name of jesus. Well, think of were u can get ur own power of god to be manifested like dat of tb joshu. Since u dont believe in what is been done in d name of jesus. 4 me, i pray with his anoint.

  10. pls we shu read n study our bible 2 know d truth. Xtains we shu stop fight our selves. Leave evry tins 2 God

  11. Wat is condemn on earth is condemn in haven.people now worship tb Joshua instead of God, nawa….may God open our innermost eye to see and know
    Wat is reel and fake

  12. Real or not he’s doin gud stop judgein d man of God go judge ur life first how many face av u put a smile

  13. If he can perform miracles why could he not ressurect those that died back to life for thing many do not know dat satan mislead through false religion transformin himself to an angel light

  14. Can a kingdom divided against itself stand or can Satan cast out Satan. The fact that many false prophets have gone into the world does not mean that the world is devoid of genuine Men of God. Be careful in all your assessments because blasphemy against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven. Food for thought.

  15. plz u ppl should nt judge.remember a prophet z nt recognise in his fada land.everytin hpn 2 his glory.God knw y it hpn lk dis,as 4 me i hv nt c a man of God in dis world dat has torch life lk prophet tb joshua remember kingdom canot stand agains kingdom.he hv no mouth bt our mouth 2 do his miracle,he dnt hv hand bt our hand 2 do his miracle.plz God z d same yesday 2day and 4eva.he said if u believe in me d same work i do u wil do even gr8r.dat u cn move mountain


  17. ooooowwwww non of us av d right to judge even a smoker……if hes evil n wl b condemmed,are u free from condemnation????????hw many of ur REAL men of God invest dia wealth in changing lives??helpin d poor,mendin broken homes,offering scholaships,providing job opportunities…..i ws once judging bt nw i judge no mor bcos i discoverd hes nt jst gifted bt humble….get emmanuel tv n watch….u wl nid no one to direct ur thoughts.

  18. Hmmmmm…..many are doomed by what their greed and selfish ,self centered pastors and G Os who go abt in private jets and their congregants begs for food told them abt proth. TB. In order to cover their own greed. I am not in a position to condemn them I know God is not selfish and untruthful. Speak oratorily collect from the orphans and widows. Build empires and schools your members’s children can not attend. If the white missionaries did the same we will all likely be unlettered in Africa today. Nigerians are very good people celebrating corrupt leaders. That is why many will continuing to wallowing in poverty in the mist of God given plenty of wealth. Mummum times mumum people. Proth. TB Joshua does not argue with anyone bcos He knows they are foxes in sheep clothings. Know this an evil man will keep all his evil wealth for himself alone. Have you seen a person who got his money thru evil and pity the poor? He will not bcos he knows he has no heaven. Proth TB Joshua may anoint anyone and the person may turn out to be bad in his own way. What abt Judas? My God continues to uphold proth. TB Joshua for this world. If anything in His life as a man that falls short of God. May the Lord Jesus help him out. IJN amen.

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