The Third Letter Of Your Name Predicts Your Character

third letter in your name predicts your character

July 27, 2012 – The Third Letter In Your Name Predicts Your Character – Ancient Japanese Psychology

According to an ancient Japanese nomenclature Psychology here is what the third letter in your name predicts about your character.

A― Romantic

B― Proud

C― Innocent

D― Lovable

E― Good but Hurtful

F― Compassionate

G― Logical Minded

H― Leadership Potential

I― Helpful

J― Free-Spirited

K― Irritating

L― Funny

M― Emotional

N― Sensible

O― Supportive

P― Crazy

Q― Unpredictable

R― Practical

S― Loving

T― Fake

U― Sensitive

V― Genius

W― Calm

X― Easy-Going

Y― Intelligent

Z― Jovial

Truth time

What’s your own and how accurate do you think this prediction is?

Chai guys I no fit say my own o. Am I that bad?

46 thoughts on “The Third Letter Of Your Name Predicts Your Character

    • How do you count the crazy person words.. according to japanese phsycology ja”P”anese is cazy.. just for fun.. hahha..

  1. i dont in any way appotiosize d feasibility and practicability of such numenclatur psychology in societys lik d African,where individuals bear numerous names.if applyd hitheto wil b tantamount 2a multiplicity of numenclaturic atitudinal tendencys

  2. Well kudos 2 d person dat updated it bt it is partiall accepted coz dia re some dat re…….all d same it woz a suxes story ‘EMOTIONAL’

  3. It is true fun, because truly am emotional indeed.please i need to know more about these Ancient Japanese Psychology. thanks

  4. It is true o o o! The letter “g” in Big Aunty Koks predicts that I am “logical minded”; or is it not correct? ***wink***.

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