Tonto Dikeh Suffers Mosquito Bites In London, Tweets Photo Proof

tonto dikeh mosquite bites london

June 13, 2013 – Tonto Dikeh Suffers Terrible Mosquito Bites In London, Tweets Photo Proof

In a bid to turn down the controversy generated by her stage fall in London, Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh who co-hosts Iyanya`s kukere concert in London is citing mosquito bites as a likely factor for her erratic behaviour on stage.

Tonto Dikeh shared the above photo of an apparent mosquito bite via her Twitter page few days ago and she captioned it with;

“Mosquitoes are biting me in London”…pauses, I can imagine the look on your face right now, the look of “

Instead of her fans to show a bit of sympathy they rather dissed her with all sorts of words;

A particular fan asked;

It’s a reaction to one of your skin care products especially the ones that bleach.

While another said; “Mosquito in London? Sure you are not still high on ukwale Igbo that made you crash on stage!!!

Chai! Tonto Dikeh don fall for plenty hands.

She is acting unlike herself these days. It seems the stardom thing is hitting her on the bad side.

So the mosquitoes that didn’t bite her in Nigeria followed her to London to complete their mission (I no fit laugh ooo).

24 thoughts on “Tonto Dikeh Suffers Mosquito Bites In London, Tweets Photo Proof

  1. Hahahahahahahahaha dis gal won turn 2 comedian by al means sha i lyk to see moskito fo london i lov to see obama lick tom tom i lyk to see tonto fal break her bom bom bt na wash tonto dike na wash

  2. mosqiuto bites for were in london that mean she is not london or is the fault of the organizer of the program in Nigeria you handly see a event when the gust we suffer mosqiuto bites is in possible

  3. Tonto, go 2 hell. Mosquitoes in london? We r nt fools. I dnt like u 4rm d on set. GET A LIFE, tonto.

  4. why everybody just de attack this my babe like this London na heaven when the place go be mosquito free even if she fall for stage nobody is above mistake those that are say she join illuminate if it is easy go and join is free . dike don.t worry the more world hate you the more God de bless you.

  5. na only her go london, is it evrytin she has to post? Na she be d only naija celeb? Y her own thin come dey diferent. She need to grow up. Make we hear bete thin abeg.

  6. its so bad dt dis babe is trying 2 get famous with all these rubish games she is into. she is a lunatic and if she continue dis game dn bet me she will end up tanish her own image in nollywood nd 9ja entrtainment industry @ large. i’v spoken.

  7. tontolet nawa 4u oo! omo Sexy wey 4get her family go dia go tanda 4 ova 4months no complain of mosquito no u wey spend 3days dey wine mouth….!

  8. tonto why r u always sinking for notice eh ,go and get married maybe u will fine better things to do with ur tym

  9. which one for p harcourt nko where she hails be riverine i hear word jare

  10. were did u seen the mosquito lol u not in London cos the weather here is not were you can find mosquito big fool na you be cos my 20 years in england have never seen mosquito one day u need a doctor to check if you going insane

  11. Tontoskito, U fall ma hand big time…I’m in London for 5yrs, Mosquito never bite me, or even see them. U need prayer i swear cos all dis ur yeye talk, it seems she’s mentally derange. Go see pastor E.A. Adeboye for deliverance

  12. Tonto may God hv mercy upon u,none of us r perfect n God,bt pls u need 2 kwn n love God,He died 4 u remember!,mosquito bites n london?seriously,it is well.

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