Toyin Aimakhu’s Fans Reject Seyi Edun & Adeniyi Johnson Marriage…Couple Reportedly Struggling For Acceptance

toyin aimakhu fans niyi johnson seyi edun

Just like they did for Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan, Nigerians have started bashing Toyin Aimakhu’s ex husband Adeniyi Johnson and his “tear-rubber” wife, Oluwaseyi Edun.

Though the couple who got married few months ago have been putting up a front of non -challance but even with their hard skin, Nigerians have not stopped disgracing them with unkind words on the social media.

Adeniyi Johnson has never hidden his intentions to take a new wife after his marriage with Toyin Aimakhu crashed, however, every time he breathes, trolls come for him and his wife.

Yesterday Johnson shared new pictures of himself and Seyi Edun and his followers could not help but laugh at the pose which was termed local.

See some of the comments below

Despite their daily show of courage, it seems Nigerians are not ready to accept their marriage yet.

toyin aimakhu wedding pictures

The way Seyi Edun jumped into Niyi Johnson’s life when Toyin Aimakhu bowed out shocked many as everything happened rather too fast.

doris simeon and ex husband daniel ademinoka

This brings to mind what happened when Stella Damasus partnered with Daniel Ademinokan for a movie before the pair developed intimate bond which later resulted in the crash of Ademinokan and Doris Simeon’s happy marriage.

13 thoughts on “Toyin Aimakhu’s Fans Reject Seyi Edun & Adeniyi Johnson Marriage…Couple Reportedly Struggling For Acceptance

  1. How their marriage de take put food for una table na? When will people stop using panadol for another person’s headache?

  2. ain’t accepting the marriage too like to me i see lust here the relationship ain’t lasting edun and niyi and besides the dude was right the outfit was not really gorgeous for the photo-shoot and the pose was hell naw….

  3. lets face fact the outfit was not gorgeous not a single bit, if there was someone niyi was supposed to comment on it should be that temmy1930 or someone else

  4. Go and find work to do, busybodies. Sebi they are wearing the outfit on their own body? Abi, wetin concern agbero (bus conductor) with overloading? Sebi na driver police go arrest? If someone divorces from another, don’t they have a right to move on with their lives? Don’t wish evil on anyone. Whatever a man or woman sows they will reap. Chikena

  5. IF NIGERIANS BELIEVE that a man could divorce his wife and take up another woman, and a woman her husband and marry another man, what, then, is the basis for all this? Adultery is celebrated in the name of divorce and remarriage, and people are less bothered about that. It is rather how trendy that people look that is their concern. Pls, nobody should disturb these two. If their swag is borrowed from a 1920 monkey from a hick country, it is their lives.

  6. Who know the idiot before, if not for that bring him to limelight. omoale jatijati
    my advice for the home breaker, remember what goes around will one day comes around.
    iyan ogun odun, agbona felefele.

    • Why are you so bitter. He and his ex are divorced. You are flogging a dead horse my dear. Who knows you. Wish them well. Remember that the person you are married to or will marry is someone’s ex.

  7. seriously I use to like this adeniyi Johnson ..but going for this thing called seyi that does not even act well almost immediately after his break up with toyin makes the both of them disgust me..toyin is not perfect but this one is not just worth it

  8. The only thing i wuld v wish is that Abraham also have dated Seyi Edun before, i would v been sweet. Nevertheless, we should not criticize them,….they are acting and displaying their skills, secondly if you are divorced, there is no constitutionally period that is bound for man/woman to remarry; it is always at your own discretion. I advise you wailers/haters to pls keep calm….

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