Transsexual Angolan Singer Titica Made UNAIDS Ambassador

titica unaids ambassadorTitica on the left

Oct 8, 2013 – Transsexual Angolan Singer Titica Made UNAIDS Ambassador

The lady pictured left above named Titica used to be a man.

Few days ago, UNAIDS made the Angola’s transsexual artist one of its goodwill ambassadors.

She was born a man (Teca Miguel Garcia) in Luanda. She adopted Titica, her female name 4 years ago after a breast surgery in Brazil.

25 year-old Titica, who is a rising star in the Angolan music genre called kuduro, which is a fusion of rap and techno music.

She was named the best kuduro artist of 2011, is a regular on radio and television there, has performed at a Divas concert in front of Angolan president Jose Eduardo dos Santos and will be embarking on an international tour with stops in Portugal, the UK and the United States.

In an interview on BBC last year, during a make-up session before filming the video for her current hit Olha o Boneco, which features popular Angolan kizomba singer Ary, Titica said she was overcome with her success.

Thanks to God, I am very happy, it has taken a while to get here and involved a lot of sacrifice but thanks to God, everything is going well for me.
I’ve been stoned, I’ve been beaten, and there is a lot of prejudice against me, a lot of people show that. There is a lot of taboo,“.

Check out more photos of Titicab below


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16 thoughts on “Transsexual Angolan Singer Titica Made UNAIDS Ambassador

  1. This is very disgusting
    She looks soooooooooo ugly
    how can someone tamper with God’s creation hell awaits u

  2. Is time to submit birth certificate for everybody for verification,I don’t even trust my co-workers or girlfriends before true to God , i no know go start.

  3. That ugly face,is 1000% men from south-east African that hwo their men look like, and this ugly man want to be a woman,with are fake boobs that he buy in hospital.

  4. I don’t know how this guy will repent and go back to God the way he was created by Almighty God. He has already told God that He made mistake in His creation. He is a taboo as he knows already. Very disgusting ugly looking thing. I dont know why this generation has made themselves available tools of the devil.

  5. Hello Titica, I think what you have done is great, not only for the transsexual world but for the charity work you are doing as well, don’t take any notice of these heathens who have no idea what you and LADIES like you have to go through in life and having to endure the malicious comments of narrow minded people such as these. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  6. Hello Titica, if you see these messages, I would really like you to get in touch with me on my email. If anyone else who knows how to get in touch with Titica, could you please also as her to contact me? It is regarding a Ladyboy Charity event that I am involved with and which we put on every year in Thailand. Thanks David

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