Two Brothers Kidnapped Their Father For N5m Ransom In Anambra State

brothers kidnapped father anambra

Jan 31st, 2013 – US-Deportee & Brother Who Kidnapped Their Father For N5 Million Ransom Arrested In Anambra State

Two suspected children from hell have been arrested in Anambra State for allegedly kidnapping their father. The two brothers, Ifeanyi and Obinna, aged 44 and 33 respectively, were arrested by the State Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), led by Supol James Nwafor, after they were implicated in the alleged abduction of their father, Chief Mike Onwukamuche.

The two sons were said to have demanded for N5 million ransom from their father. According to investigation, the 74-year-old victim was abducted in Ojota and taken to Obosi and was allegedly held hostage for one week by the suspects. Both Ifeanyi, who was the victim’s heir and his younger brother, Obinna, according to investigation decided to kidnap their father because he did not give them money to support the upkeep of their families when they requested.

The two alleged evil brothers were unmasked by their younger brother, Dr Emeka, who suspected a foul play when their father suddenly disappeared. The younger brother suspected that his elder brothers must be connected with their father’s disappearance. He followed up his suspicion with lodging a formal complaints with the SARS whose operatives swung into action immediately and effected the arrest of Ifeanyi and Obinna and their friend, who owns the house where the victim was held hostage.

Ifeanyi explained his role to CrimeWatch: “ I am the first son of my father, Chief Mike Onwukamuche and I have to kidnap my father. I am a businessman, I travelled to Thailand and I was dealing on drugs before I was deported. In November 2012. I told my father that I was handicapped and that I needed some money to start a business. But despite the fact that my family was suffering he kept on promising and I have no means of livelihood. I organized with my younger brother, Obinna, who was in the same situation and we arranged with my friends to kidnap him.

“The four-man gang of kidnappers including Obinna participated and kidnapped my father from Ojoto and took him to Obosi, and kept him in my friend’s house for one week.” “We demanded N5million from my father. My father is a businessman and he sells baby wears at Onitsha and he has a lot of landed property in Onitsha. But he refused to assist us. It was my junior brother, Dr Emeka who reported to the police that our father had disappeared and reported the case to the police and we were arrested”. Another suspect, Obinna explained his role: “I followed the kidnappers to kidnap my father.

I asked my father to give me money to start another business because my business was not doing well. My father has enough landed property in Onitsha. “I asked him to give me N3m to start another business but he refused. We arranged with my elder brother, Ifeanyi and other kidnappers and kidnapped my father and kept him in one of the kidnappers’ house. My father spent one week with the kidnappers but my father didn’t know that I was part of those who kidnapped him.”

The Onwukamuches hail from Idemili Local Government Area of Anambra State. Obinna said:  “We haven’t collect the money (ransom) but we were about collecting it when men of the SARS arrested us.” Another suspect, Obi told CrimeWatch that they the victim. We carried out the kidnapping with Obinna, his son who was my friend and took him to my own house where he spent one week there. “We demanded N5million from him before the SARS came and rounded us up,” he said.

The Anambra state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ballah Nasarawa told CrimeWatch that it was one of the victim’ children, Dr Emeka Onwukamuche who came to report to SARS and his brothers, Ifeanyi and Obinna who confessed to have kidnapped their father before the father was released from where he was kept. CP Nasarawa explained that they demanded for N5million and Chief Mike Onwukamuche couldn’t believe that his sons were the architects of his abduction until when the two sons confessed to him that they were the one who masterminded his kidnapping

The victim expressed shock about the incident, “ I couldn’t believe it that my own first son could arranged with his younger brother to kidnap me because they wanted me to give them money to start business. They were requesting for N3m to start another business. I promised to give them but that they should be patient. I sent Ifeanyi abroad but when he got there he sold drugs and he was deported back home. Obinna was given money to do business but he squandered the money and requested for another N3m. I promised to give them the money but that they should give me more time.”

He said that it was his junior son; Dr Emeka who came to his rescue by reporting the case to SARS in Awka when he saw that I had disappeared from the house. He said that he has disowned the two sons and said they should not come back to him and that they should face the consequence of their action. CP Nasarawa said that the three suspects would soon be charge to court.’

[Source: Daily Sun]

28 thoughts on “Two Brothers Kidnapped Their Father For N5m Ransom In Anambra State

  1. #IGBO KWENU……. Na wah ooooo. Why must all this tinz always happen in d east?? Hw can a son kidnap his own dad jst to get money. *Igbo people too like money*

  2. What is really happening in our country Nigeria? This are useless things we used to hear from other parts of the world. WHY! WHY!! WHY!!!

  3. These two guys is a total disgrace to the entire nation, how can one planned to kill his own father. End time genarations, wickedness of the highest level.

  4. No matter what,the father should forgive them,because blood is thicker than water,is it not what we see in nigeria movies every day and we thought its’ just a movie but it does’ happen.

  5. Dis children r very greedy and heartless, wow!!!…….. Very suprisen. Wel: sometyms it s d work of d devil. Pls do’nt disowned dem. 4giv dem. rememba, dey r stil ur blood children. Tink of wat wil make dem 2 be a man. Tanx, God bles u. From bayelsa

  6. Wow dis childrn r greedy & hatless. Dis s suprisen, wel: somtyms s d wrk of d devil, pls oga, 4gv dem, dey r stil ur blood. Frm bayelsa

  7. Igbo with money!!! Hmm na wao.. When will dis kidnapping and militant tinz stop in d east and south?

  8. That is end time as it is written in the
    bible. Father pls 4give them. 4 if there no
    sin there will no forgiveness,ichie plzzzz am beging u on behave of ojoto ppl forgive them,am real son of ojoto.

  9. If two brothers can put head together to decide how to kidnap their father for ransom something must be wrong with their upbringing. They couldn’t ‘ve taken after me both genetically and environmentally (i.e. Upbringing). Parents should worry not only about those bad things they do in the presence of their wards, but also about those they are capable of doing, because their children might do them better.

  10. If u dnt plan wel in life,wad do u expect? D 1st 1 went 2 abroad n joined drug business,imagine dt… D 2nd 1 used hs business money 2 flex,wad do u expect? Oh,they were thinkin dt d old man is a fool,’oh dad or papa,gv me money’ n d old man wil foolishly gv em,rubbish… Ys,we all knw igbo ppl ova lik money,bt dese 2 brothers realy fukd up by kidnappin their own dad. They havent disgrace d whole country,bcuz we all knw Nig is a corrupt country… They only disgrace their state n tribe…

  11. @ yusuf r u nt concern abt d boko haram in d north?so stop talkin abt militant in d east/south ok…….

  12. this is what you get from a country where the education system have succeeded in creating perpetual dependency in all aspects,even the so called professionals stil depends on foreign lords 2 succeed.Its crazy for a 44 yr old man 2 stil have that wretched hope in an old man that will soon die,it a pity,the father should b blamed for not giving the boys the required home training and for his carelesness in allowing those guys ply any trade they feel like…

  13. This is what some fathers really need from their children, though it is a criminal offence but am not in support of this incident. Fathers should try and care for their children to avoid this evil acts.

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