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Uche Elendu: My Father’s Friend, Larry Koldsweat Gave Me My First Movie Role

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Uche Elendu Talks About Childhood & Education, Says Marriage Slowed Down Her Career

My Background

I used to live in a very beautiful environment, Tincan Island Estate in Apapa, Lagos, but it was later destroyed by the government. I think it is the best place that anybody can have a childhood. Although my dad didn’t usually allow me to go out to play, I had fun on the few occasions that I did. There were over 60 houses in the estate but we knew one another and we lived like one big family. As an only girl, there were times that I felt lonely but I had a wonderful childhood.

My Education Profile

For my elementary education, I attended Nigerian Ports Authority Staff School in Apapa, Lagos. I went to Federal Government Girls College, Owerri, for my post-elementary education. I then studied International Relations at the Imo State University.

My Parents’ reaction to my acting career

My father didn’t support my movie career at the outset but my mum was always there for me. My father is a disciplinarian and he believes so much in education. He didn’t support me not because he didn’t like the profession but he wanted me to complete my studies and he also wanted me to go into a more structured profession. However, they are both in total support of my career now.

Bible school

It was a direction from the Holy Spirit. I wanted to learn more about the word of God. The Bible school gave me the platform and made me more inclined to the Word of God. As an ordinary Christian, you may read the Bible and not understand certain messages that God is trying to pass. But if you go to a Bible school, the Bible would be dissected and you would be taught the fundamentals. It helped me to get closer to God. The Bible school changed me totally because I got to understand the power I have as a child of God and how to activate it. I got to know that I don’t need to depend on a preacher or pastor to pray for me; I can do that myself. I used to fall sick practically every month but since I went to Bible school, I have not taken ill. As regards going into full-time ministry, I would wait for God’s direction on that.

My Challenges

I think I am one of the lucky ones because I didn’t really go through stress to get roles. I got my first role through my friend’s father, Larry Koldsweat, and things have just proceeded smoothly for me. The only challenge I had was that I was in the university when I started my career; so, I often had to leave school to be on movie sets. Also, I got married when I got to the peak of my career and that slowed me down because I had to face my family and build a home.

My Role models

My mother is my biggest role model. She is a very strong and hard-working person. No matter what life throws at her, she never gives up; rather, she would always stand tall. I love that about her and that is the same type of person I want to be to my children. I also admire Eucharia Anunobi.


That is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Whenever I am stressed out and I remember my kids, a long smile crosses my lips. It is really a blessing from God. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I hadn’t had my kids the time I did. Even though it could be stressful, it makes me more responsible because there are people that depend on me totally. I love my kids and I live for them.

Marriage crisis

I know there were some reports about my marriage being in crisis. There is no marriage that is perfect as there will always be ups and downs. However, I don’t like talking about my marriage in the media because I like to keep my private life private. The bottom line is that everything is fine. My husband is a very nice and kind person. We only dated for six months and we got engaged just a month after we first met.

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