Update On Fatal Accident On Ile Ife Ibadan Road In Osun State: 16 Killed As Bus Collides With Tanker


fatal accident ife ibadan road

July 23, 2017 – Update On Fatal Accident On Ile Ife Ibadan Expressway In Osun State: 16 Killed As Speeding Bus Collides With Tanker

A speeding bus driver heading to Ibadan from Ore in Ondo state today caused the untimely deaths of about 16 people.

The driver of a Toyota Hiase bus reportedly lost control of the vehicle after it collided with a fuel tanker while trying to make a dangerous U-tern along Ife Ibadan road.

The bus with plate # MUS 702 XH reportedly caught fire, trapping all occupants.

Efforts the occupants of the ill-fated bus made to escape the tragedy failed as they got trapped and died on the spot.

Only 3 people survived the incident which happened right in front of the Energy Petrol station.

The survivors were immediately rushed to the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital for treatment.

Eyewitnesses blamed the bus driver (now deceased) for the fatal crash.