Video Of Africans Selling Roasted Corn In Paris France Goes Viral

africans men selling roasted corn paris

While some are busy tarnishing the image of Africa all over world, some hardworking African migrants have taken their survival mentality to Europe.

These young men who couldn’t secure a job in Europe due to their status have resorted to selling roasted corns to make end meets.

The men mostly from Ghana, Uganda and Nigeria are popular roasted corn sellers in Chateau Rouge Barbe area of Paris France.

The area in the above video is regarded as an African Neighbourhood in France with a lot of fun events.

The Facebook user who shared  the video on Friday, Mr Obiwest said the corn is sold for 50 cent, an equivalent of 200 Naira.

This should prove to all those looking for greener pasture in Europe that life is not that rosy over there.

Come to think of it, can these men do the same back in their respective countries?? probably not.

7 thoughts on “Video Of Africans Selling Roasted Corn In Paris France Goes Viral

  1. There is money in local delicacies abroad jst like having african shop where can buy virtually anything from egusi,garri to maggi african dish and u see its not that cheap though affordable but will fetch u enough to begin project after converting those euros,dollars and pounds.

  2. You too, can you buy 1corn for N200 in Nigeria? Probably not. Any clean business in the diaspora or anywhere else is welcome. Man must survive. Afterall, people abandon their certificates and go to Dubai/Saudi to beg for house maid job. Can they do it in Nigeria?

  3. May God bless their legitimate hustle. As the saying goes, “person farm no dey refuse am food”. One day the sweat will translate to sweet.

  4. This is so sad, we run abroad and sell roasted corn on the streets abroad, can we not do it in our own country?. Nowhere is easy, so we must take a cue from this to know that nowhere is easy. We run looking for greener pastures, yet we end up doing the same thing we will complain about not doing in our third world countries. Let us stop find faults with our countries and start doing something with our lives for the betterment of our lives and that of our families.

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