African Caught On Video Snatching Phone From Lady In Italy Metro Subway

african snatches phone lady italy subway

Check out a young African caught on camera snatching a phone from a young lady in Italy.

The phone theft attack reportedly happened at a metro subway in Monza town, Italy.

It is sad to see what our African brothers are doing in Italy and other parts of Europe.

When will this nonsense end?.

7 thoughts on “African Caught On Video Snatching Phone From Lady In Italy Metro Subway

  1. such acts will lead to profiling or even deportation of the innocent who are struggling to validate their resident papers.

  2. It could earn the idiot at least one year jail term and the term ex convict. He thinks it’s Nigeria

  3. you see 1 of the reason they dont like black in europe,useless man, want to close door and good name for innocents african.

  4. Why does the story focus on skin color and simply not state that a THIEF snatched the lady’s phone? Artful Dodger of CharlesDickens fame was not African so focus on the bad act rather than skin color otherwise the stereotype complained about will continue.

  5. We steal, rob, fight in Africa and we do the same thing abroad, so who is to be blamed for these social vices, the government. We keep blaming people for our woes, and if God blesses us and allow us to have a life outside, we continue to do the same thing, it is very sad, we need to change our mindset and educate ourselves so that our countries will be better.

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