What Men Want From Their Wives Part 2 By DHunter


things men want from their wives

April 23, 2016 – What Men Want From Their Wives Part 2 By DHunter

Part two of relationship advice article 3 things men want from their wives by popular commentator Dhunter.

She must take her bath regularly, and smell fine. She ought to shave her arm pit, pubic hair, wash her undies and clothes constantly. No bad odour is gono be tolerated. She must ensure the house is kept clean and sparkle.

(5) MOVE WITH GOOD FRIENDS. Everybody in life have a friend or friends. But in making friends, she must pick her friends carefully. Don’t let your friends choose you first, choose them.
The type of friends you keep, influence and make you or break and mar you.

A woman who respects her elders will always have their attention and blessing when in time of need. Such women receives blessing from God too. She must not necessarily be an Angel but she must be gentle and humble. Not a nagging woman but one with a cool demeanour not demented husband beater. *wink *wink

The last but not the least which is the seventh

If your wife doesn’t really like the way she was born then she can be born again.
That way, you and your house is covered. Spiritual and emotional insurance has covered you. As a result, there would be peace, love, joy, happiness, prosperity, victory over trails and temptation, or tough times. There would be mutual bond between you two. You will feel the presence of God in your midst. It also means, you have found a good thing and the Bible says, your will obtain FAVOURS of the Lord.

How beautiful!