Why You Are Yet To Find Your God-Ordained Husband

how to find God fearing husband

By Femi Ademola

So I asked her, “Do you like him? She responded – “Yeah I do. In fact, I really love him. He is my dream-man. He is cute, responsible, focused, caring, very intelligent and he is also a man of vision. But, he doesn’t have a car!”

Me: “If I, If I, If I bless you with a good slap now, some people will say I’m wicked. What!”

“What exactly do you want, a car or husband?” I asked. She’s yet to reply me till this moment.

The above is an encounter between a female friend and I some months past. It’s amazing how a lot of ladies don’t know what they really want. They are yet to give a definite answer to what they actually want between a car and husband or between a bank (money) and husband.

You disturb God with your prayers on a daily basis, saying you want to settle down. But when the guy shows up, you say he is not what you want. You’ve set high-standards for yourself such that the Angels God are asking to come deliver the man to you are already telling Him (God), that, you won’t accept, because your standards are too high.

Setting of standard is fantastic. I do too. However, when standards are above board, it could be dangerous. Most times, greatness comes in small forms. You may not have the total package at once. But at least, start small.

Stop behaving like some of our Lagos employers who would place job advert for a position expected to be occupied by a graduate who is not more than 26 years old but with 17 years working experience, with a professional course as an added advantage. Wow!

Stop raising your standards beyond normal. Have pity on our young-brothers, most of us are struggling. We may not have the cash now, but we surely have the dream that will produce cash and cars in the nearest future. Stop comparing us with some Hmmm Hmmmm. We are the real G.

We need wife-materials. We sincerely desire to settle down too, but the qualifications you are placing before us are just too high for us to meet. Why not accept us and let’s grow together. Together, we can make things work. Guys, am I communicating?

A popular public figure just celebrated his 20th year wedding anniversary. While giving accolades to his wife, who has stood by him all these years, he made mentioned of some stuff that really struck me. He said he got married to his wife while living in one room. The foam/bed was on the floor, no chair. Furthermore, he said because of the population of the occupants in the compound, the wife would usually go to her parent’s house to take her bath.

Today, this couple are not only great, they have affected many lives positively. Also, they have many in their employment. I am talking about Mr. Fela Durotoye (a presidential candidate) and Mrs. Tara Durotoye (CEO, House of Tara).

Do we still have women like this today? People who can build with a man? If yes, please signify by raising your hand; let me include your name in the great-women’s-list.

However, this is not an excuse for guys to be lazy. A responsible lady will not want to settle down with a lazy man. Marriage isn’t for boys, it is for men. You’ve got to be up and doing. Be neat as much as possible. Tidy your environment; wash your boxers – sir, even if they are just two sets. Wash your socks, look neat. Don’t let your undies be smelling like soured soup. Such that when you pull off here, we’ll all remember the hymn: “I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder……… Then sing my soul.”

Some of our ladies want to settle down too. They aren’t after money either. All they want are responsible man.

As many who are still single, desiring to settle down, don’t worry, I will get your wedding I.V. soon. Have a great week

11 thoughts on “Why You Are Yet To Find Your God-Ordained Husband

  1. One thing I come to realize is, most successful and strong marriages/homes are built by husband and wife. Many who PREFERS ready-made husbands always jump out of it with regrets.

  2. Generally speaking, good husband is really scarce. Young ladies should learn how to accommodate gents with ‘mission not mansion’.

  3. As much as you want to have a write up, you should understand that there should be a balance in the write up. Women are not the only ones who need help in searching for a partner and still single at 40. There are so many men out there who also need help and have missed it at some points in their lives too. Women are not the only ones with settling down issues, as a matter of fact, men have worse issues too. Let us stop the act of demonizing or finger pointing women and blaming them for their single status. Men need help too. While you think women are too choosy, men just like to go rogue but when a woman tries to go rogue like the men, they are termed whores. Imagine if Funke Akindele (God forbid) had several baby daddies like Whizkid, 2face and Davido, you can imagine the names she would have been called. If you must demonize the woman for being single at 40, just know that these men going rogue all over the place but refusing to marry are bigger whores. Lets us learn to create a balance in these things and the world will be a better place.

  4. single and searching involve a lot of pressure from family and friends to all my single sisters be mature in mind why making choices of the kind of partner you want.


  6. Well spoken. There is a feedback to this report my dear brother. Some men out there, are also looking for very high profile ladies with so many demands attached. It is not only ladies.

    I would like to build with a man and he has to be a man of integrity.

    Thank you.

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