Wild Animal, Possum Breaks Into Liquor Store In Florida, Drinks Bottle Of Whiskey[PHOTOS]


possum breaks into liquor store florida

December 2nd, 2017 – 21-Year-Old Animal, Opposum Breaks Into Liquor Store In Florida, Drinks A Bottle Of Whiskey [PHOTOS]

As Americans celebrated 2017 thanksgiving last week Thursday the 23rd of November 2017, a very curious wild animal decided to do her own thanksgiving a day after.

This 21-year-old Opposum (aka Possum) was arrested at a Liquor Store in Fort Walton Beach, Florida last week Friday after she obviously drank herself to stupor shortly after breaking into a Cash’s Liquor store.

A worker at the store who found the Marsupial next to an empty bottle of Bourborn Whiskey called police who in turn took the drunk animal to Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge in Fort Walton Beach.

Here is how a wildlife Health Technician, Michelle Pettis who rescued the animal broke the interesting report on Facebook.

opposum breaks into liquor store

The Opposum is said to be 21 year old.

Why Friday night of all days? The wild animal wey ‘sabi’ enjoyment …LOL