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Woman Attacked For Confronting Cheating Husband Laments “I Don’t Want To Become A Single Mother”

woman attacked cheating husband

“I Don’t Want To Become A Single Mother “- Says Woman Attacked For Confronting Cheating Husband

By Afeez Anafi, Punch NG

A Port Harcourt based woman , Chindinma Diala is still nursing the wound of an injury inflicted on her head by her violent husband.

The attack reportedly happened on the 29th of November 2018 when Diala accused her husband, Norbert, of engaging in extramarital affairs.

Trouble started that evening after he arrived home late and his wife alleged that he was returning from his girlfriend’s place.

Norbert was said to have taken offence and descended on his wife with a plank, slashing her head in the process.

Diala told City Round that her 11 years of marriage with Norbert was characterized with violence, adding that their daughter pleaded with Norbert in vain to stop beating her mother.

She said,

“While I was on the road that day, I saw him coming out of his mistress’ house and I was very angry. When I got home, I locked up my room and slept off. All of a sudden, he broke the door. I was shocked. He started beating me. My daughter and housekeeper were begging him. He pushed my daughter and hit my head with a plank. I was covered with blood and managed to escape. This was not the first time this would happen. There was a time he hit me and I fainted. It happens over and over again.”

The 39 –year-old woman explained that he had been enduring the assaults because she did not want to be a single mother and be solely responsible for the upkeep of their three children aged between five and 10.

She said whenever she mentioned the name of any of her husband’s girlfriends, he would get angry and beat her up, adding that she was tired of the abusive marriage.

Diala said;

“I have told Norbert to leave me just to be alive and train my children, but he doesn’t want to leave me. Anytime I mention the name of any of his girlfriends, I always receive the beating of my life. Some years back when we were in the bedroom, one of his mistresses named Rachael called him. I felt very insulted and I confronted him.

“The next thing, Rachael called to warn me that I could never put an end to her relationship with my husband. When I confronted my husband with what she said, he gave me the beating of my life.

“Anytime I refused him sex, he would rape me. There was a time I was not feeling fine, he tore my clothes and beat me. He pushed me out naked; it was my child who covered me with bedspread. We have been married for 11 years; it has been years of suffering and smiling. I have been enduring it. He used to pacify me with gifts in the past after beating me. I lost my second pregnancy due to beating.”

She said she reported the latest incident at the police station on Oboro Road, Port Harcourt and her statement was taken.

“The police gave me a report which I took to the hospital. He has been on the run since the incident happened,” Diala added.



  1. Mark Orjiabor

    December 15, 2018 at 4:28 AM

    Stay there until he kill you and make you a part of statistics. Fool of a woman

  2. mulikat

    December 15, 2018 at 9:24 AM

    woman not single mother, you will be call RIP and your kids ,motherless. not the first time ,is beating me like thus, ,useless stay till you die, i sorry for your kids.

  3. DB

    December 15, 2018 at 1:51 PM

    Dont worry, if you dont want to be a single mother, you can always be a single corpse. Stay there and continue doing endurance trek to the grave.


    December 16, 2018 at 9:30 PM

    Women should learn not to confront their husband. Because it goes with anger and verbal abuse. Rather they should dialogue with their man behind closed doors to ascertain what’s lacks in their marital union and try to fix it.

    Any man who lay hands on his wife is feeble indeed.

  5. Jilo

    December 17, 2018 at 5:00 PM

    Woman, you are wrong by taking such approach. You don’t have to be physically engage your husband to make him realizes what he’s doing is wrong. Using aggressive approach will not change his behavior rather it’s going to make it worse. Since you have realized the type of husband you have, why can’t you think of what can benefits you and your children? I understand you don’t want to be alone but trust me you will be better of remain as single mom than be dead mom.

    Unfortunately, Nigeria is such a Country where most abusing husband always get away with their bad behavior but you can still punish him through the court system by making him responsible for the welfare of his children. In some Countries you can claim Alimony for not fulfilling his marital vows and treating you badly.

  6. Fifelomo

    December 17, 2018 at 7:34 PM

    Hmmm, madam its better for you to be alive and narrate this experience in future and for you to be killed there……no b by force to die in the marriage…. Wise up madam.

  7. Rosy

    December 25, 2018 at 4:13 PM

    Stay there and die na. that’s how you women reduce yourselves to nothing. nonsense.

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